Short Review of The Tao Te Ching: Lao Tzu

The Tao Te Ching: Book Review

What did I like the most? Lao Tzu’s teachings, invented in the 6th century BCE, are worldly wise even today. The philosophy of Lao Tzu helps a person to increase self-awareness and consciousness.

The book is based on the teachings and philosophy of Taoism. Taoism is an ancient school of philosophy that is even relevant today. The three principles which make the matrix of this philosophy are:

  1. simplicity, 
  2. compassion,
  3. patience 

The only way to get in unison with the universal consciousness, or GOD, is to be simple in actions and thoughts. The patience factor helps in leaving friends and enemies as they are. Compassion, when one is compassionate towards themself, helps bring togetherness with all the beings in the world. Few evaluate lessons one can learn from this ancient school of philosophy- the believer of Taoism does not want and try to hold the things and lives in the present moment. The follower of Taoism leaves fear of death because he knows he cannot control the inevitable. Putting the fear aside, he happily wants to welcome death. 

The principle has its relevance even today. Resistance of any kind makes one suffer. Hence, true wisdom lies in the acceptance of the present moment. Rare is a human being who does not make a mistake. The realisation of committing a mistake is important because once a person realises it, they admit it. In this way, the person has time to correct the error. Also, do not get offended when others point out the mistake. The person rather appreciates those who help in recognising the errors. Thus the person gets an opportunity toward self-awareness. 

Observation is a valuable weapon with which a person improves upon their essential thinking; judging others. Easier said than done. It is not a straightforward job to admit and accept one’s fault. This ancient philosophy teaches that a hurt ego may feel wrong to the person, but it is beneficial for the Soul, increasing one’s consciousness. 

Human life cannot remain without competition at any point in time, whether it may be in any field. The believer of this ancient philosophy works with a spirit to play with the best of skills but is not driven by ego. They consider life as a chance to play and improve their skills. The believer of ancient philosophy works for the interest of the community and puts self-interest secondary. Thus, using power, fame, or wealth to create a better world. 

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