Short Review of Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

Summary of Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

What do I like the most? The author gives golden advice to a person to be honest to them despite all odds and maintain PERSONAL INTEGRITY in life.

The author equates self-esteem with calcium. He asserts that just as lack of calcium does not kill a person, one cannot afford to live without it.

The author’s view of self-esteem makes up the immune system of consciousness; having the strength to resist makes the system robust and helps in its regeneration.

There is a correlation between self-esteem and the psychological health of a human being. A person may survive without it, but they cannot live genuinely under their goals, purposes, and values.

Self-esteem creates such a psychological state in the human mind that a person’s behaviour gets boosted up repeatedly.

The author suggests human beings be with their true self. Self-acceptance and self-responsibility are the two traits that, when practised, may enhance the level of mindfulness. Self-responsibility is derived from self-acceptance. Once this happens, automatically, a person would be self-oriented and control their mind and body.

Another dimension is that the author adds to his thesis that human beings need to live with purpose and personal integrity. The author opines the individual must have a resonance in their thoughts and actions. This is a tough and challenging part of life. Once a person takes care of their thoughts and actions, personal integrity becomes a part of their lives.

The author suggests that in the world where individuals live, they are bound to contact many people who may be hypocrites. Hence not getting influenced by such hypocrites is also the personal responsibility of the individual.

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