Short Review of My Philosophy of Successful Living by Jim Rohn

Summary of My Philosophy of Successful Living

What do I like most about the book? All the suggestions, if one person follows in their individual lives cannot remain without achieving success. The author is superb and lays a path for positive thoughts, leading to complete victory.

The foremost advice of the author to an individual is that formal education helps a person find a job or livelihood. Whereas without self-education, the individual cannot be wealthy.

What does the author mean to say? His simple assertion is that it is a fact that any individual has to face obstacles in their life. These obstacles may be natural or perceived from the outside world. Further, the author suggests that the individual needs correct their thinking and approach more than these problems or blocks. As they say,” fortune favours the hardy,” so an individual may earn a living but making a fortune is possible only when they work on their overall personality development.

In the author’s opinion, an individual who doesn’t pursue SUCCESS instead attracts SUCCESS by becoming an attractive person. Only a wealthy person can help others in society. Further, the author inspires to search for good people in life, and one can do it but with a committed wish to do so.

An excellent suggestion by the author to an individual; he says we must reward people for even small steps in their respective lives. Further, he opines to give recognition to others not to have to ask for credit from others. In the author’s \opinion, the single best achievement in an individual’s life is to be an efficient communicator. Another gem from an author to an individual is to learn over one skill and over one language. These two factors would help a person build a financial wall around him and his family too. 

The author is severe that an individual needs to learn and imbibe the fundamentals of the job at hand.

How does an individual transform his life? They need to plan the present, future, and small failures on paper and plan to change their lives. A person can transform their life—a piece of very practical advice to all individuals. An individual must always try to help others—persons who do not have a feeling of solitude.

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Dave Peterson
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