Short Review of Deep Work by Carl Newport 

Deep Work: Book Review 

What did I like most? Authors emphasise doing deep work and adopt it as a regular habit in life.

The author defines the ability to concentrate with no deviation on a specified task using cognition. Any work which does not demand cognition and is performed casually is called shallow. In the present times, deep work is needed to achieve excellent results. 

The modern-day challenges require learning to gather the input and then convert it into the best output using what one has learned. Hence, focusing without distraction is essential. Naturally, good intentions are necessary, but judicious use of willpower is also required to succeed in one’s professional life. 

The author reiterates that deep work is a skill that has assumed greater importance these days. Hence he named deep work as the superpower of the 21st century. The author thinks that very few persons perform deep work, becoming a valuable new age economy. 

Deep work results from daily practice, and this attitude is generated slowly. Hence the vital points of deliberate practice are:

  1. The performer concentrates on a skill or an idea to gain expertise. 
  2. The performer looks for feedback to correct his approach and make his efforts valuable and productive. 

The author suggests a person shows the best result; the person has to work for more extended periods with great concentration on a single task, and no deviation of any kind comes nearer to him. The author states human beings perform excellently when put on challenging tasks. Workers and managers who engage in deep work surely experience deep satisfaction. The author states that the rhythmic philosophy prepares a worker to adopt consistent effort to work deep and transform it into a simple regular habit. 

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