Shocking Sex Toys For Brave Men Only

9 Hard To Believe Shocking Sex Toys For Brave Men Only

Do not read this unless you’re one of the kinky gang. Well, kinky is maybe too weak of a word for what this is. But, since you already clicked on this title, you’re probably one of the brave ones. You already know your stuff, don’t you? Maybe not all, that’s why you should read this article. But just in case, we’ll start softer and slowly go crazier down the list, only to not shock you right from the start.

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1. Wine Condoms

Ever heard of that one? Hilarious. Imagine this – it’s the middle of the night, you got nowhere to buy wine, and your partner is minutes away from your place. No worries, treat her or him with a sweet, tasty wine. It might not be in a glass, but hey, it’s still wine!

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2. Pocket P****

It’s a classic man toy. No need to work with both hands. Simply put it in and let the games begin. It’s like regular masturbation, but instead of your own hand, you get a vagina that you can hold.

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3. Another Pocket Vagina

You want something more modern, something high tech? This is the one for you. On the outside, it looks like some advanced alien technology flashlight. But on the inside, it’s just like a real woman cherry.

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4. Easy Beat EGG

What? We must admit, though, it took us a while to understand how this works. Well, it’s an egg, or at least shaped like one. The egg has a hole at the bottom and, obviously, you know the rest. Although it has many little masturbator buttons inside, so you feel extra pleasure. But you are still doing it with an egg, don’t forget that.

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5. Vibrating Hat

You put the hat on your head, as it’s supposed to be done. Only the hat is a vibrator, and the head is a tip of your treasure. It’s made mostly for improving your sexual stamina by stimulating your most sensitive part of the penis. But of course, it’s not forbidden to cum if you simply can’t resist the urge.

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From now on, we’re leaving the comfort zone of Amazon and going a little darker. Prepare yourselves, our curious kinky travellers.

6. Peepee Pump

Basically, it’s a purple tube. You enter and start pumping. It’s more or less like a breast pump, only instead of milk, it extracts the other kind of milk. Also, it’s transparent, so that you can see the magic.

For more details, click HERE

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7. Cock Cage

The name is kind of self-explanatory, isn’t it? The purpose, however, is not. It’s made of steel and has a key. But why would you put your little friend in a cage? Nobody wants to be locked inside a cage. Actually, maybe there is a purpose after all. Perhaps you’ve been naughty, and your partner needs to punish you. Imagine getting an erection in a couple of inches long steel cage. All the pain… If you’re wearing that, then you must have been extra naughty. Well, try to think happy thoughts instead of naked bodies, and you’ll be fine. You can even pee through it. 

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8. Another Cock Cage

Only this one is gold. Wow, huh? At least you’ll look pretty. Your partner had to punish you, but at least she or he gave you a golden cage. Pretty considerate, right? Be thankful it’s not the next punishment on the list.

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9. Surprise Item

And we saved the best for last. Oh, pardons us – the worst for last. It’s the most shocking one we found so far. This is a steel cock ring, but not just any ring. Oh, no. Not by a long shot. This one has a urethral plug. And you know what that means, right? Geez! Only thinking about it makes me feel gruesome. Unfortunately, I had to look at it too. So, are you really that brave as you claim to go and look at it for yourself? Or better yet, are you fearless enough to “plug it in”? LOL!

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