Shared Journey Principles

Contribution Guidelines

Participants of Australia Unwrapped are expected to adhere to 10 principles   within all community orientated contacts, thus enabling efficient and effective community moderation, these principles aim to ensure Australia Unwrapped and it community members are valued, respected and also to keep Australia Unwrapped on the right side of the law.

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  1. Any articles we publish are open to constructive criticism, exploring and enhancing user experience with relevant and up to date critique. However Misrepresentation of any published material is not tolerated.
  2. Should contributors use the forum to express views based on enhancing a argument and robust debate then this will be welcomed, but defamation, divisive, negative pollutants will not be tolerated.
  3. Please air your opinions and how you think any publications can be enhanced, or areas you disagree with. However personal attacks on co-contributors, authors or any individual will not be tolerated, and posts will not be published.
  4. We will remove any material that is likely to cause significant offence, we also encourage contributors to reports any offensive material to a moderator or through the contact us page.
  5. Racism, homophobia, sexism are just so not cool and the entire staff at Australia Unwrapped has absolutely zero tolerance for any of this nonsense. One country, one people, brother and sisters of Australia and citizens of the world we are one and together we can enhance each other’s lives, tolerance, peace and understanding.
  6. Should you post anything that are as potentially libellous or defamatory postings, or material posted in potential breach of copyright it will be removed to avoid any legal ramifications
  7. Ensure your post is of relevance to the topic, were possible try and enhance the publication, also ask questions related to the publication.
  8. Spam probably won’t get through are filters, however if it does it will be removed, nil obviously commercial posts and if you post links ensure relevance to the topic.
  9. Australia Unwrapped encourages debate and contribution, we already know Australia is the best country on the world, we want to let the secret out and enough other to come here and enhance our lives and their own through positive and meaningful contribution.
  10. Try and get you point across but be aware you may be misunderstood datable is a opportunity to grow and enhance your ideas while sharing your knowledge and enhancing other people life experiences. A good debate leaves all parties fulfilled and enthused. Keep it clean enjoyable and life enhancing.[/mks_pullquote]



Enjoy, share and respect

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