SEO for the Website — Advantage or Disadvantage

Search Engine Optimization is a set of works to develop a site, change its environment, analyze user behavior, aimed at improving existing positions for target queries, as well as obtaining good positions for new queries of interest made by SEO agency. In general, you will see results in 3 weeks to 9-12 months to get a return after the launch of work to promote the site. The timing is determined by the level of competition for the request and the overall level of competition in the promoted topic.

Digital marketing strategies help marketers set goals, identify a target audience, and develop a marketing plan that will reach and engage an audience. These strategies set the direction for a particular campaign or program and serve as a basis for evaluating results.


One of the benefits of SEO agency services is that the average cost of a site visitor is often much lower for ways to promote sites such as display or contextual advertising. Although, there are some nuances, for example, promotion in a highly competitive subject may not be cheap, due to the cost of work on comprehensive site promotion, including external optimization. Despite this, this way of promoting the site on the Internet is suitable for both large and small businesses with a small advertising budget.




Search engines don’t charge for organic clicks, so you don’t have to pay for users who search. The traffic received from organic search is many times cheaper than the traffic from contextual advertising. Let’s have a look at the advantages:

  • Launch sales funnel. In order to get a conversion, you need to tell a potential customer about yourself. In the site in the first positions the chances to attract much more, do not occupy those who are below;
  • Audience trust. High positions can be compared with prestigious areas of the city. There is a stereotype that successful companies are at the center;
  • Interested audience. If a person comes to the site for a search question, it is clear that he is interested in a particular product and he is at the stage of choice;
  • Savings on advertising. Of course, SEO requires financial investment, but in the long run it is more profitable than search advertising.

Plus, when optimizing the site with the help of SEO agency in Sydney, work is being done to improve the entire project — the structure, landing pages, content marketing are being finalized. And you get both targeted traffic and site improvements, unlike other types of advertising.


Matching keywords to users’ search queries helps attract visitors to the site who are already interested in your products or services. Provided that you have the necessary information about the products or services offered, including the price, the availability of quality photos, the usability of the site, the percentage of conversion of visitors from buyers will be quite high. Secondly, search engine promotion implies a wide reach of the target audience.




Nothing is perfect, so here you can find some disadvantages too:

  • Restrictions on promotion regions — search engines provide each site with a region or regions, depending on the addresses of the company’s offices.
  • The least flexibility – it takes time to promote a site.
  • High competition — many people are working on the quality of web resources, so for a place in the Top will have to fight.
  • Required costs — for SEO specialist, analyst, web developer, copywriter, software and SEO tools. If you learn optimization on your own, you need to invest a lot of money and spend a lot of time just learning, not to mention setting up your online resource.

Therefore, if you plan to increase traffic to your site and increase sales many times over, do SEO optimization with experienced specialists from Shtudio to get the result as quickly as possible.


How to Find a Specialist


The requirements for specialist of SEO agency in Sydney have grown a lot in recent years. Search engines are improving and changing their algorithms, professionals need to always keep their finger on the pulse, learn quickly and adopt trends. A good SEO specialist knows the basics of programming, knows modern marketing, he has an understanding of the basics of copywriting and working with content.


A specialist also has developed analytical thinking, he knows how to set priorities, make decisions independently, is ready to change strategies and approaches, knows the tools that help automate routine processes. All these qualities can be found in Shtudio agency.


Despite all the subtleties, SEO is a powerful and effective way of promotion. And if you care about the quality and efficiency of your site, accuracy in attracting the target audience — search engine optimization is what you need. Digital marketing surround us everywhere, so digital marketing touches almost every aspect of business, having a huge impact on how companies communicate with customers and create profitable offers.

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