Selling Your Photographs – Stock Photography 

Selling Your Photographs Stock Photography

Photographs are one of the best tools that people use to capture memories. Those frozen moments can be of great treasures for your friends and families. In addition, they can also be source of extra income – and Selling your photographs a full time job for some enthusiasts.

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Selling your photographs for stock photography can be a huge additon to your weekly or monthly allowance. You just have the following tools with you:

  • A good camera. If you have your own DSLR, it will be easier for you to take photos at hand. You might have the basic idea about lens, the mechanics of photography and most of it.
  • A perfect subject. There are wide varities of subjects that you can choose – from landscapes to portrait. You can take photos of people, animals, landscapes, architecture, and many more. Selling your photographs in stock photography of macro subjects are also among the most widely sold subjects today.
  • A stock photography website. Once you have selected the photos you want to publish and sell online, you can start looking for a stock photography website that buys photos. These websites usually require a log in account. Once you have an account, you can post your photos for sale.
  • A payment account. In your website or account, you have to declare the payment account where clients can send their payments once a purchase is made. These payment accounts will bring the money to your local banks for you to withdraw.

Benefits of selling your photographs stock photography 

If you are a professional or a photography enthusiast, you will enjoy the benefits of selling photographs stock photography. Among these benefits include the following:

  • It is fun thing to do. As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quotation is the best way to describe selling your photographs in a stock photo online. Aside from the idea that you got to share your talents to the world, you can also earn without working fulltime.
  • It is an easy work with a good pay. The thing about stock photos is that you can earn as much as possible even you are a newbie – as long as the photos you send for sale are of premium quality, subject relevance and high resolution. It is far from those art galleries where you won’t get a dime for your work if you are not a famous artist. In this industry, you will get paid as long as your work is needed and liked by clients.
  • Publish your work. Another benefit of selling photographs stock photography is that you got to see your work published. However, you won’t enjoy the fame of your name sitting at the bottom of the photograph once it is published as the right will be credited to the website where you sold your photos. Once you have sold your photos, the company or website will be the one who will own the proprietorship of the picture and will take credit once it is sold.

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