See You at The Top by Zig Ziglar: Quick Summary

A Quick Review of See You at The Top

I liked the book: The author aims to motivate a man to achieve success in spiritual, social, and financial terms by utilizing positive thinking, kindness, and determination of goals.

Further, the author raises questions. One when a person says they don’t have talent. Second, when a person says they don’t have the required skill to bring changes in their life. So it is easier to blame one’s failures, taking these factors as an excuse for not putting in the required effort to achieve the full potential of one’s ability. The author refers to such thinking as ‘loser’s limp.’ Thus, those who feel defeated by past failures must hold back and try to change by following some simple steps.

These simple steps would make one’s way to reach once again at the top.

  1. Assumption of thinking the best for oneself and one’s family members.
  2. Goal setting, aiming for one wants. It is further breaking the goal into sub-goals and working to put these sub-goals into action.
  3. We are using the power of positive thinking to check negativity.
  4. Once this is practised, the way towards the top can be reached.
  5. To move towards the ladder of success, one must care to have positive relationships. The nagging people should always be ignored. This way, one can have a proactive approach.
  6. One must always be ready to help the surrounding people.
  7. It is essentially what one person thinks of others. One’s perception about others leaves an impact and affects always.
  8. One needs to have a specific concept about goals and further break these goals into actions. Goal setting is an excellent tool for bringing life changes. Even objective setting is a tough job. It needs hard work and focus.
  9. The next step to fulfil goals, a timeline, needs to be adopted. The making of sub-goals is necessary to achieve desired results. These sub-goals may be set every week.
  10. Human beings may make mistakes despite being diligent and intelligent. So checking and overcome temporary setbacks, one needs to control a poor attitude. Hence, the importance of a positive attitude counts a lot.
  11. To conclude, the author recommends using the essential tool: a respectful attitude to see oneself at the top.

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