Secure Payment Systems for New Zealand Casino Usage

Before opening your own online gambling project, you need to study a number of issues related to this kind of business. You should take care of the software provider, the gaming site and of course think about which casino payment systems should be connected to play at New Zealand online casinos that accept PayPal payments.


Together with you, we will consider the best payment services for online institutions. Just remember that one online casino payment system, or even two, will not make the weather, so it is not practical to limit yourself to a few financial transaction systems. If you own a payday online casino, your audience is quite broad, which means that each player may have their own individual preferences. You definitely need all the popular casino payment systems.


First, study the features of your region carefully and find out which payment provider is most sought after in it. Experts say that any payment provider must be international.


Criteria for Choosing a Casino Payment System


Fast financial transactions


Before integrating a particular payment service into an institution, it is a good idea to find out in advance how fast it works. The faster the payments to the casino, the more customers will trust you, so they will choose your institution in the future.


Simple and inexpensive to use


Any solid electronic payment system should have these features. If you have to make a lot of button clicks and fill in various forms to complete a transaction, the player will lose his precious time and henceforth refuse such a system.


Reliability of financial transactions and guarantee of their execution


Any electronic payment system must ensure that the transfer is correct and that the funds are delivered to where they were sent. It is unlikely that anyone would calmly accept that a payment service has sent them money for other purposes.


Confidentiality of the payment system


At the moment, all entrepreneurs who want to open their own gambling business are standing. Nobody wants to appear in any foreign base. Fortunately, modern casino payment systems take this moment into account and undertake not to disclose information.


Especially for you, I have compiled a list of the best modern payment systems that must definitely be integrated into any online casino.




Paysafecard is a prepaid card or voucher for anonymous payments. No electronic wallets, no registration and no verification. You can buy a paysafecard for cash at any kiosk, supermarket and petrol station in 57 countries. Why is paysafecard needed and what are its advantages over standard payment solutions?


Using a prepaid PIN is more convenient and secure than using cash. Pay with a coupon card in online shops, top up your account at gambling and bookmakers. To make a payment, you only need the numbers on the card, no names or bank accounts – you retain complete anonymity and also free yourself from exorbitant fees.


Cards and coupons are sold in over 650,000 outlets, Peyseyfkard is very popular in developed countries. Most major online shops accept payments with these cards.


The main advantages of Paysafecard:


  • Instant recognition of payment upon entering a PIN code, unlike a bank transfer;
  • Full anonymity;
  • Possibility to choose the face value of the card;
  • One of the most secure payment types;
  • You can use your PIN to pay anywhere in the world.




Neteller is a world-renowned electronic payment system. The simple and profitable service has made Neteller one of the best offers on the market. The main advantage of Neteller is that it always works and under all circumstances.


The specificity of the company is that it was originally tightened specifically for casino payments. Today, hundreds of millions of people in 200 countries use the payment system.


Yes, Neteller requires its customers to provide their real name, phone number, email address and actual place of residence. But with this data, the security system prevents wallet hacking attacks.


You can easily top up your account from anywhere in the world. Online casino operators who withdraw money actively use this system because it has never failed anyone or shown the wrong side.


In addition, the electronic system provides the possibility to issue a Net + card. With it you can buy goods and pay for services in any country. Usually the card is sent to the customer for a maximum of 21 days. Minimum commissions for financial transactions and currency conversion, world fame, availability of all necessary functions and convenient interface make the system one of the best of its kind.




PayAnyWay is practiced in most areas of online business. It is an excellent online casino payment system that is highly respected among gambling entrepreneurs for many reasons:


Quick integration process. There is no need to provide a stack of documents. Just go through the registration process and answer the template questions;

a multi-level security system for maximum protection of financial transactions;

analytical tools for statistics and accounting;

CMS Ability to create and edit the content of payment components;

large selection of payment options;

Many years of experience and an impeccable reputation.

Undoubtedly, PayAnyWay is a cost-effective and reasonable choice due to its appropriate pricing policy. Commissions in most cases do not exceed 3%, in rare cases they can reach 4%.


Moreover, PayAnyWay has provided casino operators with a special procedure for integrating their payment system:


  • The operator receives a contract with the current tariffs. The online casino is obliged to comply with all requirements;
  • Registration process;
  • The business owner must enter all information into his personal account;
  • The system provides a package of information templates to alert casino customers;
  • Service staff check the operator’s details;
  • The system is configured manually or according to a template;
  • After testing, the ability to accept payments for the casino opens.




The Skrill payment system is currently used by around 7 million people from 180 countries. The company is constantly growing and developing. The website has only one restriction – the prohibition of registration of people under the age of majority.


To open an online wallet and get the right to carry out financial transactions, you need to provide reliable personal information, as it is checked by the security system. In addition, the account should be verified. This is done with your bank account or card.


To be able to use the additional functionality of the service, you must provide copies of your identity card and registration. The maximum number of functions is opened after the user passes detailed verification, when a letter with a special code arrives at the postal address.


The system offers Russian-language support services, minimum commissions, cash withdrawal options and much more. Users also like Skrill because they do not pay a commission to fund their account at an online casino or bookmaker and can easily withdraw money from the payment service to their bank account.




There is no point in mentioning once again how big this company is. Visa cards are issued by almost all existing banks in the world. Minimum fee, ease of use, accessibility, the ability to connect to the casino on the basis of Internet sourcing (a special technology that allows you to accept money from a credit card) – all this makes Visa unattainable for competitors. We can safely say that it is the best online casino payment system of all existing ones, because almost everyone has their own bank cards.


Visa does not provide any rules regarding the use of its own cards. Such rules can only be introduced by banks, so the operator will have to negotiate with them directly.


Visa is considered the gold standard and has the highest level of reliability and security.

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