Scholarships in Australia for International Students 2021

Australia is a country with diverse ethnicities and languages, although a majority of the population speaks English. Its Ethnic diversity ensures international students never stand alone as there are always people they relate with ethnically. No wonder international students pick Australia as their preferred destination for international studies.

That’s not all though.

Australia also offers scholarships of different levels to qualified international and local students. They take some or all the burden of Educational sponsorship, ensuring the student focuses on learning. 

There are other benefits of studying in Australia, including applying for a post-study work visa. This means that after studies, an international student could decide to work in Australia for some time.

The standard of Education in the country is optimal, as evidenced by the steady influx of students. Not sure the universities in Australia offer your course of study? A few fields Universities in Australia major in; Business, Education, Engineering, Performing arts, and Psychology.

You didn’t find your desired course yet?

They also major in Performing arts, Visual arts, and design, all health-related courses including medicine and nursing, physical and outdoor education. 

Are you convinced yet?

Now to the main point of this article, Scholarships in Australia 2021. What are the types of scholarships available to international students in Australia? How do you apply for these scholarships? Read on to find out.

Types of Scholarships in Australia

  • Partial scholarship
  • Full scholarship

A partial scholarship is a form of scholarship where the body providing it pays for tuition fees or accommodation and living expenses. This means the student bears the financial burden of either tuition or accommodation and living expenses. 

On the other hand, a fully-funded scholarship is where the scholarship-giving body takes care of tuition and accommodation expenses. This takes all the financial burden off the shoulders of the student.

Which Students Are Eligible For Scholarships?

The students that show academic merit are often recipients of these scholarships. That’s not all. In some cases, scholarships are available for students from third-world countries in financial need. 

Who Provides Scholarship For International Students in Australia?

  • Australian Educational institution;
  • Accommodation provider;
  • Government of Australia;
  • Government departments in your own country;
  • Educational institution in the home country;
  • Non-governmental organizations.

Below are the top scholarships in Australia, the Universities that offer them, the type of scholarship, and their courses.

Top Scholarships in Australia for International Students 2021

  • Masters of Business Administration Global Leaders
  • Higher Institution: Deakin University
  • Funding type: Partial 
  • Degree awarded: Masters (Healthcare Business Administration)
  • Trees-Mediated Methane Emission
  • Higher Institution: Southern Cross University
  • Funding type: Partial
  • Degree awarded: Ph.D. (Trees Mediated Methane Emissions)
  • Monash University Dean’s Scholarship
  • Higher Institution: Monash University
  • Funding type: Partial
  • Degree awarded: Bachelor (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Peter Zelas Postgraduate Research
  • Higher Institution: Western Sydney University
  • Funding type: Partial
  • Degree awarded: Master, Ph.D. (Medicine)
  • Australia Bachelor of IT 
  • Higher Institution: University of Technology Sydney
  • Funding type: Full
  • Degree awarded: Bachelor (Information Technology)
  • The Global Excellence Scholarship 
  • Higher Institution: University of Western Australia
  • Funding type: Full
  • Degree awarded: Master, PhD
  • GBCA scholarship
  • Higher Institution: University of Canberra 
  • Funding type: Partial
  • Degree awarded: Bachelor, Masters, PhD
  • Australian Catholic University General Round Stipend
  • Higher Institution: Australian Catholic University
  • Funding type: Partial
  • Degree Awarded: Ph.D. (Hearing Research, Energy and Transportation Research)
  • International fully-funded Archaeo-Geochemistry
  • Higher Institution: Southern Cross University
  • Funding type: Full
  • Degree Awarded: Ph.D. (Archaeo-geochemistry)
  • Ph.D. positions in Mechanical-structural Engineering
  • Higher Institution: University of Technology Sydney
  • Funding type: Full
  • Degree awarded: Ph.D. (Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology
  • Higher Institution: Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology 
  • Funding type: Partial
  • Degree awarded: Bachelor (Business, Leadership, Global Management, Information Technology, and Hospitality Management.)

Things to Consider Before Going to School Abroad 

Before you check out that scholarship scheme and ways to pursue your dreams abroad, there are factors you need to consider before you relocate. These factors will help increase your chances of securing the best scholarship programs for you and prepare your mind for what you will face abroad.

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Your Academic Qualification 

Your previous academic qualification plays a crucial role in the ease of acceptance in foreign universities. Before you start applying for admissions and scholarships abroad, you must evaluate your educational background so far and see where you will best fit into and your chances of acceptance. This would help make the process of application smooth and more straightforward for you. It will also give you a sense of direction and help you scale through the admission process.

Your Finances 

If you are not qualified to get scholarships, you should consider having enough finances to cover your academic pursuit abroad. You must have a solid financial plan that would take you through the process seamlessly and help you get through schooling abroad. You can apply for scholarships and grants while you study. Still, if you don’t have a comprehensive scholarship, it would be difficult for you to finish your program without adequate finances successfully.

Your Zeal to Succeed 

Before you go abroad to study, you should have a plan and a goal to achieve. Your goals could range from getting a professional certificate to networking and meeting new people. However, you must define them and have a laid down plan to achieve these goals.

According to Joan Young, a professional essay writer at AdvancedWriters academic writing company, achieving your goals entails proper planning and strategy.

The above scholarships are just our top picks and do not cover the full scope of scholarships offered in Australia. The scholarships cut across diverse fields and are open to international students. 

So what is holding you back from applying for an international scholarship at an Australian University? Do well to check them out, as they offer high-quality Education and an ideal learning environment. And, if you have problems with writing, you can always turn for help from some writing companies like Advanced Writers.

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