Santa Is Real And Australia Unwrapped Brings You The Undeniable Truth

Santa  is coming tonight
A word that anchors the memories of Christmas morning, from the first time we catch on as babies that there is something different about Christmas and for the rest of our lives, as we know our early memories stay with us to the end even when sometimes all others have faded.
Memories and emotions are intrinsically linked and those who are fortunate enough to build and protect their inner core with the magic and love they experience on Christmas morning are blessed indeed.

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Santa’s sledge is the metaphorical vehicle that carries the love of often dispersed families and deposits them as precious memories.
We are all Santa’s elves working to secure the memories of Christmas morning in a place we can recall then by closing our eyes and pretending to the outside world we are listening for sleigh bells.
Santa is very real, the spirit of Christmas is very real, if you believe he will come, the goodness, the kindness and the eternal flame of human spirit ensures that Santa lives through all of use, from humble beginning to an international benevolent miracle maker. Remember keep the faith, you cannot kill an idea.
At Australia Unwrapped we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope during this time when magic can happen you crate you own magic by enjoying the love from your friends and family’s on this holy day when Jesus was born and St Nicholas who lives on through all of us bring wonderful gifts, offers hope and creates some of the most precious memories.

Children enjoy the most special of days, and we hope this gives you the belief that Santa is coming and he is real, remember its the time in-between the seconds are just as precious. Enjoy every moment and please send some images or story’s of you wonderful Father Christmas experience and we will publish it for you.
Merry Christmas
Love Peace and Unity my human brother and Sisters

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