SaaS Development: A Guide for Value-Driven Founders

A SaaS product can be a game-changer for value driven business owners. Cloud computing generated over $278 billion in revenue last year, it is really our future. But SaaS development is a complex process that requires a high level of professionalism. Therefore, it will be most beneficial to contact a specialized company, which will skillfully cope with the tasks set and will be able to contribute to an excellent result by performing services at a high level.

What is SaaS development?

A quality product must have a high value, which cannot be achieved without a high level of architectural and technical education. SaaS development therefore allows you to add value, as it is time-consuming, requires a lot of investment and effort. The process consists of the following steps:

  • development of a business idea with subsequent verification;
  • market research, analysis of competition, target audience;
  • work on the creation of UX / UI design;
  • development and testing;
  • final debugging and launch.

After that, the work, of course, does not end. The final stage is the maintenance of the product in the process of work.

What do you need to know about the development process?

Before you start developing SaaS, you need to know what the process will require. Here are the main components that you need to think about in advance.

  1. You will need to integrate third-party services or develop your own innovative solutions, for example, for financial transactions. Both require investment and labor, you can also take as a basis ready-made gateways that provide APIs.
  2. Security protocols – you can use standard ones or look for alternative solutions at the development stage. For these purposes, modern encryption technologies are used in accordance with protocols, for example, HIPAA or GDPR.
  3. Continuous product development is also important. Deployment of additions should be carried out according to a plan developed in advance, without delay. It is important that updates are regularly delivered during the operation after launch.
  4. It is also important to establish a subscription life cycle with the ability to renew, cancel or terminate. To do this, you can use the integration of ready-made solutions, pay for the API, or develop your own system.
  5. Scalability is a nuance that you need to think about at the planning stage.

Before you start developing a SaaS product, you need to think about all these questions. Consider integration options or create your own solutions, develop a list of functions and an interface, work out the structure and templates.

Software as a service – features of creation

The value of a product in the market is determined by what user problems it can solve. All this needs to be evaluated and analyzed at the stage of testing a business idea. The product must be a response to the needs of users, and it must be better, more efficient and more progressive than what competitors offer. Having assessed your capabilities, it is important to move on to planning a set of functions in accordance with the tasks that the software will solve. Here is the standard set for SaaS applications:

  • the functional component, for example, for a platform like Canva, is an editor;
  • analytical tools – smart panels and other options for working with reports, infographics, statistics;
  • account management – systems for separating user roles, functions that are available to them;

A multifunctional product requires the development of each element, so it is important to gradually implement and test each of them. In addition, that is why these services are indiscreetly popular among various businessmen. And you can always order them in a company where experts with experience work.

SaaS development process step by step

After checking the business idea, you need to start looking for those who can make it a reality. Depending on the level of complexity and specifics of the project, the number of specialists in the team will also differ. Minimum set of employees for development:

  • business analyst;
  • leader, chief;
  • UX/UI designer;
  • developers (backend and frontend);
  • testers.

A full-staff can start to implement the idea, but it is important to ensure that the product is regularly serviced after the launch. The business intelligence services will make sure that the product works for the result, without interruptions and digital deformations. Entrust all your worries to professionals, thus saving your time, nerves and just expect the desired result.

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