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List of books by Ruth Rendell

List of Books by Ruth Rendell with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Ruth Rendell Wilson. Find my selection in date order of Ruth Rendell

Ruth Rendell List of Books to Read

Inspector Wexford Books

From Doon With Death    (1964)          

Sins of the Fathers (1986)          

A New Lease of Death       (1967)          

Wolf to the Slaughter       (1967)          

The Best Man to Die          (1969)          

A Guilty Thing Surprised  (1970)          

No More Dying Then         (1971)          

Murder Being Once Done            (1972)          

Some Lie and Some Die    (1973)          

Shake Hands Forever        (1975)          

A Sleeping Life         (1979)          

Putting on by Cunning      (1981)          

The Speaker of Mandarin            (1983)          

An Unkindness of Ravens            (1985)          

The Veiled One       (1988)          

Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter   (1991)          

Simisola         (1994)          

Road Rage    (1997)          

Harm Done  (1999)          

The Babes in the Wood    (2002)          

End in Tears (2005)          

Not in the Flesh       (2007)          

The Monster in the Box    (2009)          

The Vault      (2011)          

No Man’s Nightingale        (2013)

Inspector Wexford Collections

Means of Evil and Other Stories            (1979)          

Standalone Novels

To Fear a Painted Devil     (1965)          

Vanity Dies Hard    (1965)          

The Secret House of Death          (1968)          

One Across, Two Down    (1971)          

The Face of Trespass         (1974)          

A Demon in My View        (1976)          

A Judgement in Stone       (1977)          

Make Death Love Me        (1979)          

The Lake of Darkness        (1980)          

Master of the Moor           (1982)          

The Killing Doll        (1984)          

The Tree of Hands  (1984)          

A Dark Adapted Eye          (1986)          

Live Flesh      (1986)          

Heartstones (1987)          

A Fatal Inversion    (1987)          

Talking to Strange Men    (1987)          

The House of Stairs            (1988)          

The Bridesmaid       (1989)          

Gallowglass  (1990)          

Going Wrong           (1990)          

King Solomon’s Carpet     (1991)          

Asta’s Book  (1993)          

The Crocodile Bird (1993)          

No Night is Too Long         (1994)          

The Brimstone Wedding  (1995)          

The Keys to the Street       (1996)          

A Sight For Sore Eyes        (1998)          

The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy       (1998)          

Grasshopper            (2000)          

Piranha to Scurfy and Other Stories     (2001)          

Adam and Eve and Pinch Me      (2001)          

The Blood Doctor   (2002)          

Rottweiler    (2003)          

13 Steps Down       (2004)          

The Minotaur          (2005)          

The Water’s Lovely            (2006)          

The Thief       (2006)          

Portobello    (2008)          

The Birthday Present        (2008)          

Tigerlily’s Orchids   (2010)          

The St. Zita Society            (2012)          

The Child’s Child     (2012)          

The Girl Next Door (2014)          

Dark Corners           (2015)                      

List of books by Ruth Rendell

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Ruth Rendell. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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