Russia rules out open conflict with Turkey – WW3 can wait another day

Russia Turkey Conflict

Sergey Lavrov ( Russian foreign minister) has excluded war as an option in response to the shooting down of the SU 24 aircraft, that is widely reported to have been in Syrian airspace.  This brave and statesman like affirmation that Russia is there to help will allow the world to breath a sigh of relief. Unnamed sources from the USA have voiced that the heat signature from the aircraft would appear to have been within Syrian airspace, this re-enforcing President Putin’s statement on his warplanes location at the time of the incident.

While Lavrov and the Kremlin have ruled out war, they have reported that questions will need to be answered, and it may impact on the  current collaborative infrastructure projects the two world powers are working on, one such example the gas pipeline, time will tell.

However Russia has gone one step further, in an attempt to keep diplomatic channels open, with the ambassador to France, expressing that  they are assembling a joint task force in the region and if Turkey wanted to come to the table Russia would talk.

On a much more positive note one, the search and rescue mission in spite of coming using heavy fire was successful in retrieving one of the pilots. Sergey Shoygu ( Russian defense minister) has reported the returning airman is alive and well, undergone and medical and has been well enough to conduct a interview with RT. He has lost a brother in arms and some heavy reflection will be required, lets hope he is given some leave to see his family and pay his respects to his lost comrades kin.

It would appear through restraint, common sense and political engagement that world war three has been evaded and this unfortunate incident may bring the powers closer together, through collaboration, mutual trust and respect, avoidance of such significant events and potential treat to world peace can be possible.

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