Running Tuggeranong Hill

How did I Run on Tuggeranong Hill?

My year of the change process is going rather well. Actually, it’s going way better than I expected at the beginning of this journey of self-improvement. At this point, I’m discovering many ways how to make my life more fulfilling and productive. My Diet is already showing some results and I’m feeling much better in my own skin.

Tuggeranong hill is part of Canberra Nature Park. If you live somewhere near, like the suburbs that surround the hill, there are a couple of possible starting points for you and you just need to pick one. But, if you’re coming by car from a more distant place, then you can use the Callister Crescent carpark. It isn’t very big so you might need to leave your car somewhere along the street if all the carpark space is taken.

After you park your car, go to the end of the carpark and there you will see the entry gate. Go through the gate and then turn right in the direction of the electricity substation. You will come across many roads to various directions, but the road you’re looking for is the one that goes uphill. To reach the top of the hill you will need to cross the distance of only 1.5 km. Even though this all seems way too easy, trust me, it’s not. The climb on this hill is pretty demanding in comparison to some other hills that are similar in length. And what’s making it even more difficult is the fact that the road is full of rocks and it’s uphill all the way.

As expected, the views from the hill are amazing. They begin when you cross the first 500 m and when you reach the 950 m mark you will get the opportunity to enjoy some great sights. You will be able to see the Tuggeranong Valley and Namadgi National Park, as well as Tuggeranong Town Centre and Lake Tuggeranong. I would strongly advise to stop for a minute to take some photos. I even overtook an 80-year-old man and felt like I won the golden Olympic medal.

But enough with the boasting. After taking some photos and leaving this peak, there’s a small section of path that goes downhill. And then it’s climbing all over again before you reach the top. As you are closer to the top you will instantly notice the row of telecommunications, directly below the top itself. From here you can also feast your eyes on some spectacular views, such as Black Mountain Tower in the city, Mount Ainslie and Mount Majura. The top of the Tuggeranong hill is a very nice spot to have rest and maybe drink your favourite coffee or tea and have lunch.

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If you’re a bird lover than you will enjoy seeing many birds, including a lot of magpies and even some eagles at the very top. But I’m sure that you’ll find this whole experience to be wonderful even if you’re not a bird lover. This trail is only half an hour away from the centre of Canberra and offers lovely views. It can also serve as a great practice run or walk if you have some long distance ones in mind.

I loved this trail so much because it is challenging and rewarding at the same time. It seems easy but it’s actually a quite serious climb. In fact, any climb you ever take, no matter how big or small it might be, will give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. That feeling of knowing that you are going forward and up, and making progress, can never be taken away from you. And nothing can top it.

Getting There

The main trail and starting point at Callister Crescent is about 25 km away from the centre of Canberra and it will take you around half an hour to get there.

Things to Know Before the Trip

  • You should bring with you some water
  • If you’re going there during hotter months of the year, be sure to bring a hat and something that has long sleeves, otherwise you’ll get sunburnt
  • Camping on this trail is strictly forbidden
  • The phone signal is good all the way

Main Image Source: Pixabay

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