Running Mount Taylor – My Experience

Mount Taylor- My Running Experience

As you all know, this year is a year of change for me. I decided to make my life better and find balance. On the road to self-improvement, I will go through the process that consists of diet, exercise and time management. I hope that by doing all of this I will get my body in shape, but what’s more important, my mind and soul will get fit as well.

Looking at my list of Canberra’s hills and mountains I decided to explore Mount Taylor which is located in the south part of Canberra. It is surrounded by Tuggeranong and Woden valley and Weston Creek County, with the altitude of 856 m. It’s a very popular destination due to being easily accessible since it is set among suburbs.

You can access the hike either by foot or by car. If you choose to go by car you will have two options regarding access and parking. First option is the carpark that is located 1.8 km from the Tuggeranong Parkway – a dirt area in which you can park your car in case you’re driving along Sulwood Drive. And the second option, if you’re driving along the Athllon Drive side, the carpark which is also close, 1.7km. If you park your car here you will have to walk for about 400 m to get to the base of Mt Taylor.

However, if you want to halve the distance, you’re in for a treat – I have another parking option for those who come from Athllon Drive side. There’s a road that’s located about 300 m from Sulwood Drive northbound through which you go to access a dirt road that is 1.4 km from the base of Mt Taylor. Just go along that road by car before you park and you will save the time.

If you decide to go by car, like I did, the best starting point is the Sulwood Drive in Kambah. I was super excited to do this, and not just because it’s a good exercise, but also because I will spend the day in nature, breathing fresh air feeding my soul.

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There is a gated access road right next to the carpark from which you come across a steady ascent trail. Going up this trail you will discover amazing views – on the south side the Tuggeranong Valley and on the north the Woden valley. If you get tired of walking or running you can take that well deserved rest on one of many of the seats along the trail and enjoy the views. Since Mt Taylor is so popular among visitors it can be too crowded, so I recommend going early in the morning if you want to avoid the jam. There’s a great chance you will see some kangaroos or snakes along the way, but snakes usually hide because of many hikers that go through there. I saw a kangaroo standing some 30 m from me. I have to say he looked like that kangaroo Jack from the movie and I didn’t want to mess with him, so I hurried up the trail.

As you continue your way to the top, the trail turns to pebble stone path. There are interpretive signs on the top of Mt Taylor on which you will find information about all the peaks that are on the south side and give you the view of the Namadgi National Park and Brindabella Range and a sign that looks over to the north.

This short trip was a great experience. I got to see some amazing wonders of nature and pushed my limits in a way. I never thought I would enjoy hiking and steep paths this much. In the end I felt a feeling of great joy and I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. My body was tired, but in a good way, and my mind was free from all the stress.

Getting There

As I already mentioned, Mt Taylor is in the south of Canberra between the two valleys. There’s easy access to the starting point on Sulwood Drive. You don’t need to worry about parking space, there is more than enough space for a minimum of 20 cars.

Things to Know Before the Trip

  • Bring your own water and some (healthy) snacks just in case
  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • Most important: bring good will

Main Image Source: Pixabay

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