Rules For Living The Unwrapped Lifestyle

Rule 1

Accept every day is a struggle and be willing to do battle with yourself to overcome temptation.

Rule 2

Live the life you want to live: don’t be afraid of what is yet to come.

Rule 3

Respect yourself and respect others; accept the only thing you can truly control is yourself. It matters not what others think of you, only what you think about yourself, live your best life.

Rule 4

Your body is a gift, respect it! Utilise fresh local produce where possible. Furthermore reduce to the minimally reasonable amount the temptation of consumerism, processed food, drink and the inner demons calling for you to alter your body or state of mind synthetically.

Rule 5

Each day you must put yourself out of your comfort zone, do things that test the boundaries of what you know about yourself, aim to see each day the world for all its miracles.

Rule 6

Walk away from any relationships or environments that make you feel compromised. Life can throw some massive hardships; however, what you can control do control, one life, one chance make it count live your life for you.

Rule 7

When looking in the mirror, never allow self-pity or loathing to overwhelm you, see an opportunity, no matter how hard things are.  If you can look in a mirror, you’re still breathing, and if your breathing there is hope. Be the champion you are supposed to be.

Rule 8

Do not help others with the expectation of return. It’s not helping if there are strings attached.   

Rule 9

Value others opinions but respect your own, be willing to grow, change and remain open-minded, just because you believe something to be true does not always make is so.

Rule 10

Work hard at what you do, always apply yourself to the task at hand, dream big, aim for the stars, yet remain humble, commited and dedicated to the principles of positivity and ensuring whatever environment you find yourself in you make it the best it can be.   

Rule 11

Its only pain.

Rule 12

The world, environment and all life must be respected, whatever you take, try and give back equal or a little more, aspire to re-wire your thinking towards a life long journey of growth both physically spiritually and mentally.

Living the Unwrapped  Lifestyle is a Choice

The Unwrapped  Lifestyle is aimed at harm minimisation, respect for one’s self and a continuous journey of self-improvement, you will at times falter, you will miss your goals, and it’s the willingness to accept failure as an opportunity that will keep you moving forward to be the person you strive to be. By going Unwrapped  you are committed to personal growth and living your best life.

Unwrapped  Diet is not a tutorial or a manual; this is a lifestyle, it’s entirely up to you what you do with your life, you and only you can change things you don’t like if everything ion your life is sunshine and rainbows then happy days. Unwrapped  is for us mear mortals you make mistakes, overeat, drink too much, and have personal developmental goals aimed at personal growth, nothing is set in stone and the power of one in limitless with the right mindset and attitude.