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List of books by Roderic Jeffries / Roderic Graeme

List of Books by Roderic Jeffries / Roderic Graeme with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Roderic Jeffries / Roderic Graeme Wilson. Find my selection in date order of Roderic Jeffries / Roderic Graeme

Roderic Jeffries / Roderic Graeme List of Books to Read

Blackshirt Books

Concerning Blackshirt       (1952)          

Blackshirt Passes By           (1953)          

Blackshirt Wins the Trick  (1953)          

Salute to Blackshirt            (1954)          

The Amazing Mr Blackshirt         (1955)          

Blackshirt Meets the Lady            (1956)          

Paging Blackshirt    (1957)          

Double for Blackshirt        (1958)          

Blackshirt Helps Himself   (1958)          

Blackshirt Sees It Through           (1960)          

Blackshirt Finds Trouble   (1961)          

Blackshirt Takes the Trail (1962)          

Blackshirt on the Spot       (1963)          

Call for Blackshirt   (1963)          

Blackshirt Saves the Day  (1964)          

Danger for Blackshirt        (1965)          

Blackshirt at Large (1966)          

Blackshirt in Peril    (1967)          

Blackshirt Stirs Things Up (1969)

Brandy Series (as Roderic Graeme) Books

Where’s Brandy?   (1953)          

Brandy Goes a Cruising    (1954)          

Brandy Ahoy!          (1955)

Don Kerry Series (as Jeffrey Ashford) Books

Investigations Are Proceeding aka The D.I.    (1961)          

Enquiries Are Continuing aka The Superintendent’s Room            (1964)          

C.I.D. Room Series (as Peter Alding) Books

The C.I.D. Room aka All Leads Negative          (1967)          

Circle of Danger      (1968)          

Murder among Thieves    (1969)          

Guilt without Proof           (1970)          

Despite the Evidence         (1971)          

Call Back to Crime  (1972)          

Field of Fire  (1973)          

The Murder Line     (1974)          

Six Days to Death   (1975)          

Murder Is Suspected         (1977)          

Ransom Town         (1979)          

A Man Condemned           (1981)          

Betrayed by Death (1982)          

One Man’s Justice  (1983)          

Inspector Alvarez Books

Mistakenly in Mallorca     (1974)          

Two-Faced Death   (1976)          

Troubled Deaths     (1977)          

Murder Begets Murder    (1979)          

Just Desserts            (1980)          

Unseemly End         (1981)          

Deadly Petard         (1983)          

Three and One Make Five           (1984)          

Layers of Deceit      (1985)          

Almost Murder       (1986)          

Relatively Dangerous        (1987)          

Death Trick  (1988)          

Dead Clever (1989)          

Too Clever by Half (1990)          

Murder’s Long Memory   (1991)          

A Fatal Fleece          (1992)          

Murder Confounded         (1993)          

Death Takes Time   (1994)          

An Arcadian Death            (1995)          

An Artistic Way to Go       (1996)          

A Maze of Murders           (1997)          

An Enigmatic Disappearance      (1998)          

An Artful Death      (1999)          

The Ambiguity of Murder            (2000)          

Definitely Deceased           (2001)          

Seeing Is Deceiving            (2002)          

An Intriguing Murder        (2002)          

An Air of Murder    (2003)          

A Sunny Disappearance   (2004)          

Murder Delayed     (2005)          

Murder Needs Imagination         (2006)          

An Instinctive Solution      (2008)          

Sun, Sea and Murder        (2008)          

A Question of Motive        (2009)          

Murder, Majorcan Style  (2011)          

Murdered by Nature         (2012)          

In Search of Murder          (2013)

Standalone Novels

Twice Checked        (1959)          

Counsel for the Defence  (1960)          

Deadly Game           (1961)          

Evidence of the Accused  (1961)          

The Burden of Proof         (1962)          

Exhibit No. Thirteen           (1962)          

The Benefits of Death       (1963)          

Will Anyone Who Saw the Accident… (1963)          

Against Time!          (1964)          

An Embarrassing Death    (1965)          

The Hands of Innocence  (1965)          

Police Dog    (1965)          

Consider the Evidence      (1966)          

Dead Against the Lawyers           (1966)          

Death in the Coverts         (1966)          

Hit and Run  (1966)          

A Deadly Marriage (1967)          

Forget What You Saw       (1967)          

Patrol Car     (1967)          

Police Car     (1967)          

A Traitor’s Crime    (1968)          

Prisoner at the Bar (1969)          

Dead Man’s Bluff    (1970)          

To Protect the Guilty         (1970)          

Police Patrol Boat   (1971)          

Bent Copper            (1971)          

A Man Will Be Kidnapped Tomorrow   (1972)          

Trapped        (1972)          

The Double Run      (1973)          

The Colour of Violence     (1974)          

Three Layers of Guilt         (1975)          

The Riddle in the Parchment       (1976)          

Slow Down the World      (1976)          

The Boy Who Knew Too Much   (1977)          

Hostage to Death   (1977)          

The Anger of Fear  (1978)          

Missing Man            (1980)          

A Recipe for Murder         (1980)          

The Loss of the Culion       (1981)          

Voyage into Danger          (1981)          

Eighteen Desperate Hours           (1982)          

Guilt with Honour  (1982)          

Peril at Sea   (1983)          

A Sense of Loyalty  (1983)          

Presumption of Guilt         (1984)          

Sunken Danger       (1985)          

An Ideal Crime        (1985)          

Meeting Trouble     (1986)          

A Question of Principle     (1986)          

The Man Who Couldn’t Be          (1987)          

A Crime Remembered      (1987)          

The Honourable Detective          (1988)          

A Conflict of Interests       (1989)          

An Illegal Solution  (1990)          

Deadly Reunion      (1991)          

Twisted Justice        (1992)          

Judgement Deferred         (1993)          

The Bitter Bite         (1994)          

The Price of Failure            (1995)          

Loyal Disloyalty       (1996)          

A Web of Circumstances  (1997)          

The Cost of Innocence      (1998)          

An Honest Betrayal            (1999)          

Murder Will Out     (2000)          

Looking-Glass Justice        (2001)          

A Truthful Injustice            (2002)          

A Fair Exchange is Robbery         (2003)          

Evidentially Guilty  (2004)          

Deadly Corruption (2005)          

Illegal Guilt   (2007)          

A Dangerous Friendship   (2008)          

Jigsaw Guilt  (2009)          

Criminal Innocence            (2010)          

Justice Deferred     (2011)          

Damned by Logic   (2013)          

List of books by Roderic Jeffries / Roderic Graeme

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Roderic Jeffries / Roderic Graeme. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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