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Ten of My Favorite  Robert Goddard Quotes 

 Robert Goddard, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best  Robert Goddard quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find  Robert Goddard’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer  Robert Goddard made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Robert Goddard

With a writing career spanning over twenty years, Robert Goddard has produced novels that have been described in many different ways — from murder mysteries to spies to historical romances. He is a master of plot twists, a compelling storyteller, and one of the most renowned advocates of pace, character, and narrative.

Born: November 13, 1954, Fareham, The United Kingdom
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

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Popular Quotes

“He laughed at that. ‘You’re”
― Robert Goddard, Dying To Tell

 “If Pandora hadn’t opened the box, somebody else would have.”

“There was never any hope it could remain sealed for ever?”

“Not really.” […] “You see, Hope was one of the Spites imprisoned in the box.”

My companion frowned. “Why did Hope have to be shut away?”

“Because it always lied. And, true to form, after its release, it deceived mankind into believing the other Spites could be overcome. They couldn’t, of course, but thinking they could at least made them seem bearable.”
― Robert Goddard, Closed Circle

“Photographs don’t discriminate between the living and the dead. In the fragments of time and shards of light that compose them, everyone is equal. Now you see us; now you don’t. It doesn’t matter whether you look through a camera lens and press the shutter. It doesn’t even matter whether you open your eyes or close them. The pictures are always there. And so are the people in them.”
― Robert Goddard

“Photographs were more than my livelihood. They were part of my life. The way light fell on a surface never failed to tug at my imagination. The way one picture, a single snapshot, could capture the essence of a time and place, a city, a war, a human being, was embedded in my consciousness. One day, one second, I might close the shutter on the perfect photograph.”
― Robert Goddard, Caught In The Light

 “have anything to gain by it. That leaves the Caswell family. Good, solid, local stock who happen to employ a substantial proportion of Hereford’s adult male population. And three of them were poisoned, not just the deceased. It is unbelievable that they poisoned”
― Robert Goddard, Take No Farewell

 “In a world that thought itself so wise yet behaved so stupidly, it was possible sometimes to believe that only the mad saw matters as they truly were, that only people like my brother were prepared to admit what they saw from the corner of their eye.”
― Robert Goddard, Closed Circle

“But perhaps revelation often comes when you’re not looking for it, resolution when you don’t realize you need it.”
― Robert Goddard, Past Caring

 “What are you – Secret Service?’
If I were, I wouldn’t admit it.’
And you’re not admitting it, I notice.”
― Robert Goddard, The Ways of the World

“to be found?’ ‘You’re suggesting”
― Robert Goddard, Take No Farewell

“how he had done so she never”
― Robert Goddard, The Ways of the World

10 Famous Quotes by Author  Robert Goddard

Quotes for all, here you found our selection of 10  Robert Goddard quotes. Make sure you help by commenting your best  Robert Goddard quote below and sharing our favourite authors so we can look them up, read some of their works and give you the best quotes we can find. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 quotes by  Robert Goddard. However, feel free to comment below if you disagree or would like to include some other great and memorable  Robert Goddard quotes in our list. 

One Final Bonus – Robert Goddard Quote 

“She only modelled for him once,’ Max said stubbornly, leaning the canvases back against the wall and replacing the sheet.
Once, twice or umpteen times, it’s proof she knew Spataro… how shall we put it?… on terms a man who loved her might resent.’
There are lots of artists in Montparnasse, Appelby, and lots of artists’ models.’
I wouldn’t like it. And I bet Sir Henry didn’t like it either.’
There was nothing between Corinne and Spataro.’
That’s the problem, isn’t it?’ Appelby pointed with the stem of his pipe at the shrouded paintings. ‘There may have been *literally* nothing between them.”― Robert Goddard, The Ways of the World

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