Rick and Morty Items You Simply Must Have

Must Have Rick and Morty Items

Currently, this is one of the most popular shows in the world. Both kids and teenagers watch it. Hell, even Elon Musk loves this show and he also did a meme review with the creator of the famous cartoon! Needless to say, if you like Rick and Morty, you’ll love these items on Amazon.

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1. Rick Action Figure

You call yourself the biggest “Rick and Morty” fan and you don’t have their action figures? Pathetic. Just kidding, neither do we. But we will! It’s 5’’ tall and, well, it’s Rick!

Buy Now : Rick Action Figure

2. Morty Action Figure

Can’t have Rick without Morty. So I guess we’ll just going to have to buy both of them. Maybe even throw a party somewhere in outer space.

Buy Now : Morty Action Figure

3. Rick and Morty Portal Gun

Can’t really throw that party in outer space with this gun, can we? It’s about 8’’ long, and you can finally teleport wherever you wish. Definitely worth buying.

Buy Now : Rick and Morty Portal Gun

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4. Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty

With this item, you get the two most awesome things in the world. Play Dungeons & Dragons with Rick and Morty? Sign me up!

Buy Now : Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty

5. Pickle Rick

Remember the third season when Rick becomes a pickle? Hilarious! Well, now you can own it and remember that epic episode forever. But you don’t just get a squeezable Pickle Rick – you also get a free 48-page book on Pickle Rick. It’s very tempting, we know.

Buy Now : Pickle Rick

6. Rick and Morty Bed Sheets

This is a whole new level of fan devotion. You can now sleep in a Rick and Morty intergalactic bed. And who knows, maybe you’ll come up with a new episode in your dreams so you can pitch it to the creators.

Buy Now : Rick and Morty Bed Sheets

7. Rick and Morty Colouring Book

This colouring book has nearly every scene from the show and character. It’s fun, and can also improve creativity for your child.

Buy Now : Rick and Morty Colouring Book

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8. Rick Decorate Planter

This item is definitely unique. On first glance, it looks like a head statue of Rick, but it’s actually much more fun than that. Go ahead and check it out.

Buy Now : Rick Decorate Planter

9. Rick and Morty Comic Book

Can’t wait for the next animated season of the show? No problem. Read this incredibly exciting comic based on the show.

Buy Now : Rick and Morty Comic Book

10. A Bunch of Cool Stickers

Who wouldn’t want 50 stickers of Rick and Morty and all of their intergalactic adventures? You can paste them anywhere you like – your laptop, bicycle, car, PS4 or wherever your imagination takes you. And don’t worry, they’re waterproof and easy to remove.

Buy Now : A Bunch of Cool Stickers

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