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Three of My Favourite  Rex Carpenter Quotes 

 Rex Carpenter, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 3 best  Rex Carpenter quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find  Rex Carpenter’s top 3 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer  Rex Carpenter made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

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“this evening was already forgotten by both of them. “Alright. I’ll tell him you went to Cincinnati early for a meeting but you’ll be back late tomorrow night. Happy?” “Thanks, boss.” He could tell she was already drifting back to sleep. “When’s Gorman’s funeral?” JC was quiet. He hoped she would fall asleep before he had to lie to her. “Boss?” “It’ll be in a few days. Not sure if we’re going to make it.” “We need to try.” Joan yawned again. JC said goodnight as he walked to his rental car. Got in, started it up and pulled out of the hotel parking lot.”
― Rex Carpenter, The Fixer

 “The man across from him introduced himself as Mr. Rothstein. Expensive, well-tailored, three-piece suit, probably from Saville Row in London. Nice shoes to match, likely Italian. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch that easily cost as much as the suit and shoes combined. It all added up to serious money. Good for JC. The man was near six feet tall,”
― Rex Carpenter, The Fixer

“One of the rules of business all over the world — you don’t have to like the client.”
― Rex Carpenter, The Fixer

3 Famous Quotes by Author  Rex Carpenter

Quotes for all, here you found our selection of 3  Rex Carpenter quotes. Make sure you help by commenting your best  Rex Carpenter quote below and sharing our favourite authors so we can look them up, read some of their works and give you the best quotes we can find. We hope you enjoyed our top 3 quotes by  Rex Carpenter. However, feel free to comment below if you disagree or would like to include some other great and memorable  Rex Carpenter quotes in our list. 

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