Review – Sony Xperia X Features And Specifications

Sony Xperia X: Sony is the renowned brand when it comes to the high-tech gadget. We mainly know Sony for its world class TV range. But in recent years, Sony entered the highly competitive market or smartphones. We have encountered with Sony Experia Z series. This has been famous series of smartphones.

Sony Xperia X Review

In a recent event of Sony in Barcelona, the brand unveiled the whole new series of Xperia. The brand called it as Sony Xperia X series.  Although, the series is the new one. But it has so many common features with Z series. This post is completely dedicated to newly presented Song Xperia X series. Here we have  discussed the key features of Xperia X series.

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Sony Xperia X Design:

Every single time, users expect a new design from Sony. Unfortunately, Sony has the tradition to present same looking devices. We are unable to understand the reason. Every Xperia set looks similar to other Xperia sets. Same is the case with Xperia X series. Xperia X, XA, and Performance, all look alike. The prominent features include flat black finish, rounded edges, and side elongated button for the home screen.

Although, the design looks similar. But Xperia X Performance got a better finish of aluminum. Well, both devices come in the same color range. The colors offered are white, black, lime gold and rose gold. No doubt, the color range is impressive!

The body of this set is waterproof. Your Xperia X device can stand for 30 minutes in 1 m water.

Ravishing Camera of Sony Xperia X

When it comes to Sony Xperia devices, the prominent part is the camera. All Xperia sets have provided top notch camera experience. No doubt, the camera is the strong point about Xperia flagships.

Xperia X owns a 23-megapixel rear camera with auto-focus feature. The camera performance is stunning. For selfie lovers, the front facing camera is 13 megapixels.

Sony introduced new features of Predictive Hybrid autofocus. With this feature, one can capture high-quality images of moving objects.

Sony Xperia X Display:

Sony has impressed the users with the great display screen on Xperia Z5. But we get to experience a high-end encounter on Xperia X and X Performance too. The display screen is 5-inches with 1080p LCD. The screen is laminated and feels like actual glass. The screen quality is really top notch.

We can say, 5 inches is slightly behind latest smartphones. But due to super end features and performance, the display screen is impressive.

Sony Xperia X Performance:

Xperia X is running on Snapdragon 650 processor. This processor is made for average to high range smart devices. But this processor does not support super end mobiles.

Xperia X Performance is a powerful device. As it features Snapdragon 820 CPU. The same processor was used in LG G5. And users just loved the performance of G5. The same is eh expectation with X Performance.

Sony Xperia X Battery Life:

Interestingly, Sony claimed that both devices can stand for two days. Xperia X owns 2,620mAH battery. While X Performance has a slightly bigger battery of 2,900mAH. Now, these figures made us think how these devices can last for two days!

So, this was the brief review of Xperia X series. Hopefully, you enjoyed it!

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