Review – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Isn’t Justified But Looks Cool

Review – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:-  Samsung galaxy s6 edge is very cool looks-wise with amazing camera, but low battery and higher price. So we can say, Samsung brought stunning cam, with slick, fast and powerful user-interface with premium eye catchy design, but without MicroSD or waterproofing and very poor battery performance while very expensive for this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Samsung galaxy s6 edge is worldwide first smartphone having dual curved displays and its eye-catching design is just fantastic. Samsung launched galaxy S6 and galaxy s6 edge alongside and both smartphones are having about similar specs where only differences are such as galaxy s6 is 132g vs 138g means bit thinner than the galaxy s6 edge which is 7mm vs 6.8mm slightly thicker one. Moreover, there is battery different too, such as 2550mAh vs 2600mAh and that’s all.

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge Design

  • Beautiful Curves

Impressive curves with premium design appeal makes galaxy S6 Edge eye catching, as the front has beautiful curves while the rear is flat like pancakes which is giving it wider feel than actually it is.

  • Available in Colors

The smartphone is available in 4 attractive colors such as Green, Black, White and Gold. All other colors except white will show all smudges and fingerprints on back and front whenever you turn off screen, so you have to adopt habits of cleaning your smartphone regularly.

  • Display

Very impressive display of Galaxy s6 edge measures 5.1 inches with pin sharp clear 1140X2560 res.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Software:

To be honest, the performance of Galaxy S6 Edge is absolutely impressive. Samsung engineers have developed a device that is giving smooth experience. As Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with powerful components and high quality software. This device can be considered as the fastest smart phone on the planet right now.

The latest version of Android and Samsung’s TouchWiz are added in Galaxy s6 Edge, Now this combo of softwares allows removal of built in apps. Now get rid of any app you want to!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Performance:

When it comes to the performance of the device, certain parts of the smart phone will be checked. For discussing the performance we have to take components into account such that RAM, processor, Touch UI , graphics chip and internal memory etc.

You may face problem of slow showdowns at the home screen. But one can be get rid of this complaint by installing alternative launcher from the Play Store.

A powerful processor Exynos 7420 has been used in S6 Edge for top quality performance without overheating.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera:

Undoubtedly, both cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are on the top of the game. The 16 mega pixel rear camera with advanced features makes  it a perfect choice for photographers. While the front camera is 5 mega pixels for taking high quality pictures up to 2592×1944 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery:

Well, this is the disappointing fact about Galaxy S6 Edge. It can hardly survive a day with extensive use of the device. The user got surprised with such low quality battery at expensive price.

Final Verdict:

The final verdict on this post is that Galaxy S6 Edge has opened new horizons of innovation. But still users have complained about such low quality battery.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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