Review of Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck by Seth Godin

Short Summary of Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck

What did I like the most? The author shows a new theme to readers, students and inspires them to move beyond the set rules. 

The author gives ideas; just ship – he says that every 48-72 hours, one should ship something now or move forward even if one is not 100% happy with the product as it is. He talks of a minimum viable product. He speaks of just getting things done, learning, and moving. He thinks the process is essential and necessarily a perfect finished produces. More important is doing the work and getting things done. He was putting something out into the world and getting better.

Big Idea: Be human, be different.

Focus on connection caring. Understanding who is talking to and what change do they want to see in themselves? One needs to get closer to customers and determine what matters to them or what does not matter. The author is a prominent proponent in challenging the status quo, especially in education. Adherence to rules is desirable, but one needs to look for untapped potential. Many organizations are not designed to allow people to do what they could do and be remarkable. 

Big Idea: – Consistency is critical. All the ideas the author talks about come down to consistency, especially when paired with the connection. The author emphasizes t have a relationship with one’s customers, tribe, and the people around. The author speaks to overcome the fears. 

The author himself is a testament to the ideas he advocates so well renowned in his field after thirty years of being consistent and getting better. 

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