Review of Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins 

Unlimited Power: Book Review

What I liked the most about the book- The author asks about all those human values that exist in human life, but he shows a way to use them for the betterment of human life.

When a person has a killing desire compounded with the ability to produce results, we term this unlimited power. There is no success with no action. It is the human being who created meaning for an entity. 

The experience of a particular feeling by any person does not have any importance. It is instead the person’s interpretation of what is going on in his life. Communication determines the quality of a person’s life; their communication to oneself and with others. The author suggests that to have an extraordinary quality of life, one must keep themselves in a steadfast mental framework to support their achievements. Beliefs, when used effectively, can become a powerful force in bringing desired results. 

The author has a firm conviction that seven prerequisite traits are necessary to be developed to attain success. 

Passion, belief, strategy, clarity of values, bonding power 

The fountainhead of faith is the environment, events, small or large, knowledge, experience. Any people who have a firm belief that they can create their world are the leader and achiever. 

The author explains beautifully that a person has no power over him other than they suggest and give from their conscious thoughts. When a negative reference is changed to a positive one, we call this reframing. We may further elaborate this as context reframing or content reframing. 

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