Review of The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

The Psychology of Persuasion: Book Review

The thing I liked about the book the most- The author has beautifully explained the principles by following them; one can achieve their desired goal.

After a long time of investment in doing research, the author concluded and decided on six principles. People are not easily convinced as customers when offered any product—reciprocation, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking, and scarcity. 

Reciprocation is normal human behaviour; when one offers anything to the other person, they want to offer something in return. Help is given to people as an investment that would come back to the person in the future. The author opines a person to remove the negativity that nobody helps. Hence, a person is allowed only when they help others. 

Commitment and consistency, a person who always keeps their promise, is respected. A verbose and boastful person who talks big but does not do hard work to execute the plans is seldom believed by others. Similarly, politicians who deliver as per promises made get more votes. In case of any problem, a technician who works honestly is preferred. A farmer is always respected for his hard work consistently. People may criticise those who are in power, but farmers received wide acclamation always. The author opines one must not promise, which they cannot fulfil. Social status, people always trust a person with an excellent reputation in society.

Authority- society always trusts a person in authority. For example, patients listen to a doctor. Citizens obey the police. Teachers obey the principal. Employees follow their boss. Hence, people who have authority and are experts in their respective fields are always respected and given importance. Thus one need not become a teacher or doctor to develop power. One can build authority even by the accumulation of knowledge. To be an authority, one needs to learn from others as much as possible. Cleanliness and hygiene are necessary to have an outstanding personality. One does not require costly clothes to appear in good shape. Remaining clean and hygiene are only needed to appear decent. Undue and unnecessary criticism makes a person unpopular. So one must know this nasty habit. To seek co-operation from others, one must learn to co-operate others too. 

The author suggests to people engaged in sales and marketing that the factor of scarcity is helpful in the promotion of sales. Once this factor is added to the campaign, the sales would increase. 

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