Review of The One Thing by Garry Keller 

The One Thing: Book Review

I liked the book- the author’s clear viewpoint that success is the product of a systematic process and not a fluke.

A person and his desire to achieve something depend on his means, which has to be the best. The author talking about success says that he had focused his concentration on that target to achieve his target. Hence, when a person wants something to happen successfully, he must adopt an attitude of equality. The author believed that prominent and extraordinary results depend on the person’s concentration. The author opines to do fewer things effectively rather than doing many things and getting unsuccessful.

Success is the product of systematic development, and it comes only after some time. 

Anyone who claims to be self-made is under illusion because one cannot be successful all alone.

The author opines that doing many things or tasks at one time may appear essential and one may appear poorly engaged. Getting engaged badly does not ensure that productivity is achieved. Too much activity does not bring one closer to success. The achievers always perform according to priority. 

One may have devised a to-do list, but one must be sure enough regarding the direction in which he moves while doing actions. Putting effort in the right direction and a clear vision is necessary for getting success. The performing tasks must be categorised based on priority and urgency. Multitasking is a myth. Doing more than one thing is creating a mess. The researchers have studied and found that an industrial worker gets distracted every 11th minute. The rest of the time of their work gets wasted in balancing distractions. 

A disciplined way is a key to success in life. One with a disciplined attitude and can train their mind to work effectively. It is the habit one. It is making. To achieve success, the required amount of self-discipline is necessary. While it usually takes 66 days to form a new habit, one need not lose patience while developing a new practice. 

Will power plays a vital role in a person’s life. Without strong willpower, nothing can be achieved. Often it is said that a person must follow a balanced life. Hence, to complete an extraordinary task, one has to perform that activity on a priority basis. 

Big is not bad. When one thinks big, he-she works and feels in a significant dimension. With limited thinking, nothing big can be attained. 

Right questions lead to the correct answers. Voltaire says that a person had to be judged by his questions and not Answers. 

At a point in time, the author felt that life is a question and how one lives life is the answer. 

It is also an illusion that extraordinary things happen. These things, which are termed miracles, are the cumulative product or the efforts done previously. 

All questions converge into one question. In the words of the author, what could be that thing by doing which everything becomes simple? 

The author inspires an individual to learn to get success as a habit. Such an approach leads a person to desired goals quickly. The author opines that the experience of others may be a guiding light for an individual. 

Aim, priority, and productivity are the three pillars on which brilliant success depends. The author encourages an individual to live a purposeful life. Positivity, happiness, achievements, relations with others are the factors that are essential for living a purposeful life. Further, to be financially well off, one must have an aim for getting rich. Aims have no purpose without setting priority. Productivity counts in life and affects life. The author has rational questions for everyone and anyone: what is the individual’s purpose of doing a task, whether to give their best or just for doing?

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