Review of Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg

Short Summary of Smarter Faster Better

What did I like the most? The book has many stories based on deep research of professionals around the world. It helps in doing a task better, efficiently and focusing on decisions, motivation, and goals. Though the author has brought the book for business people, it is equally suitable for individuals.

One needs to remind about long-term goals to stay motivated. The intelligent goal framework is to be divided into small plans: One needs to work on expected distractions, too. The goal-setting has no meaning if the daily input to fulfil the goal is not done and managed correctly.

While pursuing to fulfil a goal many times, one may across dull moments. It is time one must boost up the energy and not let the dream slip away. So how can one devise a way to make an intelligent goal framework? The factors necessary to design are the goal should be (a) specific, (b) measurable, (c) attainable, (d) realistic (e) Time-bound.

The usual approach of people is, ‘Let the bridge come; we shall cross it.”

The author suggests avoiding this habit- and plan for distractions too. Though distractions, unforeseen problems, and speed breakers will happen. One cannot possibly prepare for all distractions, but expecting some of them is the best approach.

The author suggests that many times when a person loses patience and wants to avoid or put a complete stop. Something small happens simultaneously, which can spark a new idea or prepare one to think big. Hence one need not think to put full stops to any work or process. 

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