Review of Rejection of Proof by Jia Jiang 

Rejection of Proof: Book Review

The thing I like the most about the book– The author removes the fear of psychosis of getting rejected in any given situation. The reason behind getting rejected does not close all the doors. Rather may open up other choices for any person.

The author boldly opined that a person who has no fear of getting rejected feels that they have nothing to lose; astonishing things can happen. Further, the author opines that exceptional skills contribute to becoming an expert in any field. Still, besides it, one must withstand the ability to face rejections to get an acceptance finally. Indeed, a firm conviction in oneself and their work is needed too. Another important dimension is to get approval from oneself and not others. 

Confidence, friendliness, and an open attitude are those traits which associate with a person. In the author’s opinion, rejections open many unseen channels in life. 

He cites an example regarding Paul Graham, the entrepreneur and founder of the famous startup accelerator Y combinator. To quote,” the way to get startup ideas is not to think of startup ideas. It is to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself.” 

The author further says that laughter and humour are an antidote to pain. To the author, getting rejected is just an opinion. They are getting denied does not close one’s further chances. Behind the getting left fear, the law of probability opens up new channels. A convenient and motivating piece of advice comes from the author. Whenever one faces rejection, the person needs to treat this as a tool and introspect to change the tactics. The author opines it is human nature to face rejection. So one need not feel depressed and never see it as a universal truth. Even if anyone is rejected, this is not a full stop rather than the rejector’s opinion, which may be because of various factors such as historical, cultural, and psychological. The author further suggests not to argue with the person who rejects you. Having been denied in one place, one must try at another location in an unfamiliar environment. A request made starring with ‘I’ can do what is needed. 

To conclude, one must concentrate on one’s efforts and actions in a situation when one gets rejection. 

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