Review of Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) by Carol Tavris and Elliot Anderson 

Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me): Book Review

What did I like the most? The book is practical and an eye-opener to those who find it difficult to admit one’s mistakes.

Many people suffer from a complex and tense state of mind. Such persons suffer immensely due to such a state of mind. When a person takes up to achieve something as a desired goal, they may be attracted to that goal or object. When individuals encounter or believe in matching their established faith, they become happy because of the similarity of thoughts. When individuals have to face a situation where a belief or opinion contradicts their idea of religion, they condemn it as foolish or useless. The author terms it as prejudicial justification. The authors suggest that seeking advice from a person who doesn’t have an open mind is harmful. The authors suggest that there is no safeguard against any disparity even for knowledgeable persons. 

Violent behaviour and good behaviour are the dominant factors in human life. The violent behaviour creates physical and mental problems for a person who indulges in it as well had a profound effect on the surroundings. Similarly, an act of benevolence by a person created an aura of divinity and positively affected the surroundings. The self-realisation by a person makes them helps in maintaining self-respect. This self-realisation may be in acceptance of committing mistakes or taken wrong decisions. The authors suggest a person understands mistakes are a part of life and that making mistakes is not stupid. 

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