Review of Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential by Deepak Chopra

A Short Summary of Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential by Deepak Chopra

What did I like the most? An excellent book to understand one’s Self. Further, the author suggests a straightforward method to connect with one’s Self. 

What is metareality and metahumanism? 

According to author and physician Dr Deepak Chopra, what a human being thinks is not reality rather a conditioned feeling. The author wants a human to go deeper and look into the truth of existence. In everyday life, one acts and thinks in terms of matters related to family and finances. 

The author gives an example of Mozart to prove his point that by channelising the infinity, one can access the infinite potential of metareality and become a metahuman.

Now how to attain this stage is the discussion point.

(a) Mindfulness is the key to unlock metareality

(b) The true Self is beyond mental conditioning; hence, one must learn to tap it.

C) One must learn and practice limitless creativity by overlooking the traditions. 

The easiest way or approach to metareality is living in the present or focusing on the present. This is called Mindfulness. Meditation helps in attaining Mindfulness. Exercise: 

a) Adjusting one’s perception to the five senses

b) Relax and focus on the present and bring the mind to rest, focusing on the present moment.

c) As one practice, slowly they will get more with metareality. 

The human mind can change immaterial ideas into material forms—for example, a $50 bill or a wedding ring. Human beings consider themselves just in the body’s paper, a complex system of physiological processes. The Self is constantly changing, but a person gets attached to fixed trails and puts limitations on the Self. Hence, a person finds it difficult to delimit oneself because of experiences, social norms, beliefs, and mental conditions one goes through regularly. To realise the best self-one must move one step at a time. Indeed, with practice and perseverance, one can break free from the limiting beliefs. 

As one grows the society interprets everything from their point of view. To connect with one’s true Self, one must try to have just one original thought. The author emphasises metareality is the trustworthy source of creativity. 

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