Review of How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends And Influence People Helps You to Socialise With Ease

The thing I like about the book is how the author has mentioned the ease with which an individual can make friends. 

It is a beautiful book teaching how to learn techniques to impress upon people. 


(a) The writer warns against criticism, condemnation, and making complaints

(b) The writer advocates giving honest appreciation where it is demanded

(c) Arousal of want in the other person 

Ways to make people finding similarities-

(a) Show interest in other people

(b) Smile

(c) Show respect for other person’s name

(d) Encouraging the habit of listening

(e) Show interest in other person’s claims too

Ways to impress others regarding one’s thinking:

(a) Arguments need to be avoided until they can be

(b) Showing respect for other person’s opinions

(c) Admitting one’s fault at once

(d) A friendly start is the primary need

(e) Talk should be such that the other person becomes ready to say yes in response

(f) Allow another person to talk freely

(g) Let the other person feel that the idea is hers or his

(h) Give respect to other person’s point of view

(i) Show concern and sympathize with other person’s ideas and desires

(j) Idea needs to be dramatized

(k) Throwing challenge is a must

Role of a leader

A leader must shower praise and appreciate honesty. A leader must be indirect in pointing at other’s mistakes and must talk about his own mistakes before criticizing the other person. The leader must ask questions instead of giving direct orders, and the leader creates a situation where he saves his employees’ faces. The leader must appreciate an improvement with no hesitation. The leader allows the other person to live up to his reputation. A leader encourages his team and inspires his subordinates to correct their faults themselves. The writer advises judicious use of criticism.

What is more important is character and self-control. A leader must have an understanding and a will to forgive his subordinates. According to the writer, logic does not always work because of dealing with a human being. The most crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind is that people, whether men or women have emotions, prejudices, pride, and vanity. 

Viewpoints of all the people have to be considered for the growth and development of all the individuals. 

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