Review of How to Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Short Summary of How to Stop Worrying And Start Living

What do I like most? The author discusses a problem with authority giving suitable examples, and in the end, satisfies the reader that the pain can be controlled.

It is human nature to worry. Only a minority of human beings know that worrying affects health. Worry, as doctors opine, gives rise to mental disorders. A long time ago, Plato observed this phenomenon and concluded a close relationship between the human body and mind. Mayo brothers, who are well-known physicians, opine that people suffering from anxiety, despair, frustration, and worry occupy hospitals in maximum numbers. Worrying causes several diseases like arthritis. Two leading causes of arthritis are worrying (a) marital problems (b) financial difficulties. A lot of medical studies reveal that worrying may cause diabetes and insanity too. Management and cure for worrying:

  1. Getting rid of confusion: Dr Herbert E Hawkes said that “confusion is the chief cause of worry.” Confusion is created when the person does not analyze the facts. Dr Hawker suggests that a three-strep analysis can keep checking the problem. 

(a) Reason for worrying one can write the reasons on a paper.

(b) What can the person do? Options again on paper might help one to find solutions.

(c) Change in one’s behaviour as if nothing has happened.

  • Once dealt with the problem, stick to it and be happy. 

By applying these two techniques, one can get rid of anxiety about the issue. The person must not waver and trace back their steps backwards.

  1. Living in the moment – The best approach to check the habit of worrying is living in the present, neither taking pains about decisions taken in the past nor worrying for the future; one must have a motivational resource to live in the present. Working hard and getting prepared for the future is the only recourse.
  2. During a rough time, one may imagine what is worst and embrace it. A particular person gets to know about his severe medical diagnosis. These doctors tell him she should take a rest. The person imagines he would die soon and buy a casket for his body to be shipped to his native place. Now he took a world tour. While on a journey to different countries, the native foods and drank weird cocktails. He had forgotten his disease, as he was happy. Finally, he sold his casket and since then had no health problems.
  3. One must focus on the brighter sides of life and at all times positively; Marcus Aurelius, the great Roman Empire ruler, says, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
  4. The pleasure of doing a favour is more significant than their gratitude. 
  5. One must remain unique and be oneself and need not imitate anyone.
  6. One must not care too much for criticism instead of disguised compliments, and people do it for their envy.
  7. One must take a rest and must not wait to get tired too much.
  8. One must bake a job doing that; one feels fighting the Stress and remain happy.

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