Review of Feeling Great by David D Burns

Feeling Great: Book Review

What did I like most? A delightful book for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety can benefit from this book. 

The author opines that man’s negative emotion results from thoughts, and the circumstances cannot be blamed for it. The unfavourable ideas that disturb a person are distorted vision thoughts pull a person up and down in feelings strange it may appear. Still, negative emotions always show goodness. Any person undergoing depression would resist treatment because of negative feelings; the second reason may be that they do not desire to do so.  

The author opines that feeling good explains the cognitive revolution while feeling great refers to the motivation revolution.  

Dr Burns further opines that negative feelings and thoughts in a person show what is right with them; perhaps this may be why people resist treatment. These negative thoughts May prove helpful for the person because they show respect for core values in a human being. Dr Burns terms this as positive energy.

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