Review of Essential Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

Essential Zen Habits: Book Review

What do I like most? The author dissects the life of a person with good and bad habits. Suggests how to be aware of getting rid of bad habits and how to teach good habits.

It is highly man nature to resist a change because of imaginary fests and false notions about the future. A man gets sad and sometimes feels depressed when their desired wishes are not fulfilled. Once the fictional things are put to a stop and reality surfaces, one becomes brave enough to overcome the inner resistances and get ready to change their habit. 

There goes on a process of thoughts, images and good or bad healthy and unhealthy about ones past, present and future on the mental screen of the person. These factors prevent a person from bringing for a change in habit, but changing one needs to break the ice and leave many inhibitions. One part of the human mind always puts hurdles in the way of seeing things in reality. Any habit is formed and gets solidified in months and years. So it is difficult to break it. Hence, to check the childish part of the mind, the most significant help comes from gratitude. The resistance gets checked and works as a teacher to discipline the childish part of the human mind. Who is a perfect man? Who does not commit mistakes? Mistakes are a part of human nature. Whosoever is born as a human being is an embodiment of flesh and blood. Man is not a god, so making mistakes is not a big problem. Reviewing and accepting change is the challenge. The childish part of the mind may put resistance for a day or two, but once the person changed practice or habit, all the resistance vanishes. Facing this challenge may clear all the mist, and the future becomes a happy one. 

Sometimes when the person changes society, the family may take this change as a threat. Hence, one may set an example and role model for change. Many would not like the person’s approach to change and would dislike helping the person. Again, the person can deny any help from others and may move on alone to change on their own. 

The best method to follow when one desires to change a habit is to practice detachment. One must also take care not to be troubled by others’ reactions. One cannot control such things, so why worry about a thing one cannot control. 

To dispel fear, one must be mentally strong to get up again when one falls, and it too would be a lesson for them. 

Those who sit idle and callous do not make mistakes. Action pushes a person to achieve something new or exciting. 

Making mistakes and learning from them is a part of human life. Also essential to try for improvement.

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