Review of Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Short Summary of Daring Greatly

What do I like most? The author sincerely advises a person to remove their dark spots like fear and shame and groom to be vulnerable to live a complete life.

The author already is a known name. Here in this book, she talks about vulnerability. She opines to use exposure in human life a little more because it puts forward a person to be courageous.

Further, the author elaborates that vulnerability means strength and not weakness. The best way to control one’s weakness is to understand it and devise a way to find a cure for it. Be an excellent role model for the children. 

Vulnerability is neither good nor bad. It is just a part of life, and if one experiences it, one can feel things. When one avoids vulnerability, one may miss a lot of good things. Vulnerability is a source of pain and grief and the root of many positive things.

The author makes a strong point in favour of accepting personal weakness or shame. It happens with everyone, but hardly anyone dares to take and shout it. The courage is in bringing one’s shame into light and address it to tear apart. Children can only inherit qualities that the parents possess, so one must be organized and confident to become a strong parent. One must always try to make their home a shame-free zone. This way, one teaches and trains one’s child to feel worthy. The author advises the readers not to talk of honesty, courage, ambition only. The best way to teach these qualities is by practising them in real life.

The few things one can learn at fingertips are:

a) one must remove fear at any cost 

b) Shame is a part of a modern culture that needs to be done seriously

c) being vulnerable to improve relationships

d) must hide vulnerability

e) Shame poisons schools, workplaces, and families

f) Leaders must work to encourage vulnerability

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