Review of Chanakya in Daily Life by Radhakrishnan Pillai

Chanakya in Daily Life: Book Review

What I liked the most about the book– The author deals with common things and matters of life lucidly without making false assumptions.

The author suggests with conviction that human life is not a film or a television serial. Most of the time, there is a hero and a villain, running and chasing one after another—the usual fight between evil and good. 

Life and death: all persons are born and meet end one day. The difference lies in their pursuing different lifestyles and doing work. 

Any man plays a different role in a single life. A writer is happy only when he finds a reader. A person is a good father when he takes care of the needs of his offspring. Friends can be good or bad, depending upon the circumstances. These wordly relationships may go on in many other ways. 

For a person’s more excellent convenience, a person contains three main stages: a personal life, a professional life, and a family life. Hence what is required in maintaining a balance among all the three stages of life?

In a capsule form, the excellent and critical point of the book may be summarised as follows; 

1. A person is a spiritual being on a human journey 

2. A problem does not remain a problem when thought with clarity and purpose 

3. Continuous instruction to one’s mind is necessary till it listens 

4. Smile is the best make up on a person’s face 

5. Music adds to a person’s life, adds value 

6. The best music is silence 

7. Ability to think is a divine gift 

8. Worry is like a directionless movement 

9. Planning is necessary for completing a work 

10. Without a healthy body, riches are of no value. 

11. Good health gives healthy thoughts

12. Human will be coupled with faith is the most significant force  

13. Too many opportunities often mislead 

14. When things go wrong, one must keep calm 

15. A person who does whatever pleases their mind achieves nothing 

16. One must have a hobby in one’s life 

17. Every person, man or woman, has a god gifted Talent which is unique. Hardly few can identify this uniqueness

18. Good days are numbered 

19. One must not underestimate oneself

20. In a confused state of mind, one must fight the circumstances and run away 

21. To earn wealth through the proper means may be a challenge, but it is worth the effort 

22. Right direction in life solves the half problems 

23. A person cannot predict the future but can invent it 

24. Success is a product of hard work, teamwork, and God’s grace 

25. A right decision at the right time can change a person’s destiny. 

26. A person’s character may be built by reading, but writing completes it. 

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