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The features of Excel 2016 for Mac and Office are pretty same. Both softwares serves the purpose amazingly. You will find full screen support, Retina graphics, multi touch gestures, fixed task pane for doing the formatting, sync with drives and cross platform usage in both softwares.

In short, both softwares are brilliant in performance. It is not possible to say which one is better. I guess it is up to personal choice.

Excel 2016 for Mac Review

It is best spreadsheet app for Mac until you don’t rely on macros and in this article, we are going to discuss in detail about Excel 2016 for Mac.

Excel 2016 for Mac New Features:

The new interface of Excel 2016 is pleasant and easier to use than its predecessor. When you open the Excel 2016, much cleaner and new appearance will welcome you. You can choose from the menu in the colored header which was gray in previous version.

The appearance of tab bar is cleaner and more precise while it was giving a fake 3D look in last version . In the last version I had difficulty in reading names of multiple tab bars. But in Excel 2016, color bars have thin fill instead of graduated fill to have better readability.

Smart Look up:

My favorite feature of Excel 2016 is Smart Lookup. Mostly people know about this feature in Word. When you need to look a meaning for any word. Smart lookup will use Bing to show the precise contextual meaning of that word. But you won’t find it in spreadsheets.

But Excel 2016 has this Smart lookup feature. For example, you are adding important financial information in the Excel sheet. You need to find a meaning of that financial term, here Smart lookup comes handy.

Formatting Standard task pane

In previous version of Excel for Mac, there were separate task bar for formatting toolbars. Although you can hide them as per choice. But in Excel 2016, those toolbars are no longer. There is a standard task pane in this software for serving the purpose of formatting. This is the most unique feature of Excel 2016.


Sharing is caring.  The sharing function of Excel 2016 is really efficient. You can save your spreadsheet in OneDrive. You can invite your contacts to that sheet or send them your document as PDF to those contacts. Moreover, your shared spreadsheet can be edited by your contacts even they don’t have Excel 2016. They can edit that sheet using native Excel app provided by OneDrive.

MS Office Shortcuts

Excel 2016 and Office are the most popular softwares. People use both softwares in everyday use. Most of the shortcuts of Office now work as shortcuts for Excel 2016 too. This will make this software easier to use for a person who works more on Office.


Another amazing feature of Excel 2016 is charting. Just select the data for which you want to chart. Then select a recommended chart from drop down menu. It will give a preview of recommended charts. In this way you are free from headache of making charts for your data.

The bottom line of this article is that, the design of Excel 2016 is extremely pleasant and easier to use. Apart from design, it is offering really strong features.

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