Reflections On The Brexit; A Layman’s Perspective

Reflections On The Brexit; A Layman’s Perspective

Reflections on the brexit; a layman’s perspective – When you sit and watch all the debates that are going on about why or why not brexit is good for the UK, you can’t help but wonder who the politicians are trying to fool. For something so simple, they will try to make it seem so complicated so that the common man cannot get his head around it. When it comes to talking about the advantages or disadvantages of UK leaving the EU, all you here are figures from the World Bank or some other high profile bank that shows that if the UK left this or that will happen. The lives of millions of people are being toyed with by figures that are modeled on computers that may have no amount of truth in them.

Of course this is the age of computers and suddenly we have forgotten that no computer can ever replace that human instinct that lets you know when something is right or wrong. So for once, let’s forget the computers, the experts who all went to the same school so they all think the same and come back to basics. This one is for you and me the laymen who may know nothing about modeling and political agendas. Let’s look at the different aspects that have been dwelt on in the past weeks from a lay mans perspective. They have talked about trade, job, and immigration issues.

Reflections On The Brexit; A Layman’s Perspective
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Reflections On The Brexit; A Layman’s Perspective


They say most of UK’s trade is done with the EU. That is a good thing but does this mean it is the best thing that can happen to a great country like the UK? While it will always be good to encourage trade among neighboring countries, there is no denying that there are other trade avenues that can be considered and that will bring in better returns. There are countries, like Australia, Indian and a the commonwealth countries that can provide greater prospect for trade than the EU will ever be able to do.


Even in the event of UK leaving the EU, jobs are not going to disappear overnight. Forget about all those trying to make us think that millions of jobs will be lost. Even if there are going to be losses, these are not going to happen the next day. Even those companies threatening to leave may never leave. Companies are not travelling boxes that you carry from one train station to another. There is more to relocating a company than meets the eye and sometimes the cost of relocating may deter such moves. Then again as other companies move out, there will be others to take their place. These may not be the big names as we know today but they will still serve the purpose which is creating jobs.

Reflections On The Brexit; A Layman’s Perspective


There are those who are already crying out for the many issues with immigration that may come from a brexit. There are those who talk of long visa procedures that may be required for UK citizens. What is actually wrong with going through the visa procedure of other countries when the UK subjects citizens of other countries presently not in the EU to the same strenuous visa process? Yes visa procedures may become more difficult but at least the UK will be able to control its borders better. Instead of just letting the borders open from anyone from the EU to enter, in the event of UK leaving the EU, there will be tighter regulations to make sure that those that eventually come in will add value.

So if you forget the politicians and economist with their hidden agendas for one minute and just took a layman’s view on the brexit, you will find commonsense shows that there are actually merits to leaving than in staying in the EU.

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