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 Reavis Z. Wortham, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 1 best  Reavis Z. Wortham quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find  Reavis Z. Wortham’s top 1 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer  Reavis Z. Wortham made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Reavis Z. Wortham

Reavis Z. Wortham retired in 2011 and has since devoted more energy to his critically acclaimed historical mystery series Red River. His first novel, The Rock Hole, was chosen as one of the Top 12 Mysteries of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews. The True West Magazine named Dark Places one of the top 12 modern westerns of 2015. As The Providence Journal writes, “This year’s Unraveled is a hidden gem that reads like Craig Johnson’s Longmire on steroids.” Wortham’s Hawke’s Prey, a high octane contemporary thriller from Kensington Publishing, was released in June 2017.

Born: Paris, Texas, The United States
Genre: Mystery, Fiction, Thriller

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“That’s the problem with radical Islamic terrorists or jihadists or lunatics, they don’t think like normal people. Go figure.”
― Reavis Z. Wortham, Hawke’s Prey

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