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List of books by Rachel Van Dyken

List of Books by Rachel Van Dyken with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Rachel Van Dyken. Find my selection in date order of Rachel Van Dyken’s novels.

Rachel Van Dyken List of Books to Read

Renwick House Books

The Ugly Duckling Debutante     (2011)          

The Seduction of Sebastian St. James  (2011)          

The Redemption of Lord Rawlings        (2012)          

The Devil Duke Takes a Bride      (2012)          

An Unlikely Alliance           (2012)

Vandenbrook Books

Compromising Kessen      (2012)

Wallflower Books

Waltzing With the Wallflower    (2012)          

Beguiling Bridget    (2013)          

Taming Wilde          (2013)

London Fairy Tales Books

Upon a Midnight Dream  (2012)          

Whispered Music   (2012)          

The Wolf’s Pursuit  (2013)          

When Ash Falls       (2014)

Seasons Of Paleo Books

Savage Winter        (2012)

Seaside Books

Tear    (2012)          

Pull     (2013)          

Shatter          (2013)          

Forever         (2013)          

Fall      (2014)          

Strung           (2014)          

Eternal           (2015)          

Keep   (2016)          

Steal   (2017)          

Eagle Elite Books

Elite    (2013)          

Elect   (2013)          

Enforce         (2014)          

Entice (2014)          

Elicit   (2014)          

Enchant         (2015)          

Enamor         (2015)          

Ember            (2015)          

Elude  (2015)          

Empire           (2016)          

Enrage           (2017)          

Eulogy           (2018)          

Envy   (2018)          

Exposed        (2018)          

Debase          (2019)

Chronological Order of Eagle Elite Books

Enchant         (2015)          

Elite    (2013)          

Enforce         (2014)          

Elect   (2013)          

Entice (2014)          

Elicit   (2014)          

Enamor         (2015)          

Ember            (2015)          

Elude  (2015)          

Empire           (2016)          

Enrage           (2017)          

Eulogy           (2018)          

Envy   (2018)

Bet Books

The Bet          (2013)          

The Wager   (2013)          

The Dare       (2014)

Ruin Books

Ruin    (2013)          

Toxic  (2014)          

Fearless         (2014)          

Shame           (2014)

Consequence Books

The Consequence of Loving Colton       (2015)          

The Consequence of Revenge    (2015)          

The Consequence of Seduction  (2016)          

The Consequence of Rejection   (2018)

Seaside Pictures Books

Capture         (2015)          

Keep   (2016)          

Steal   (2017)          

Abandon       (2019)          

Dark Ones Books

The Dark Ones        (2015)          

Untouchable Darkness     (2015)          

Dark Surrender      (2016)          

Darkest Temptation          (2017)          

Darkest Sinner        (2019)

Wingmen Inc. Books

The Matchmaker’s Playbook      (2016)          

The Matchmaker’s Replacement           (2016)

Bachelors Of Arizona Books

The Bachelor Auction        (2016)          

The Playboy Bachelor       (2017)          

The Bachelor Contract      (2017)          

Curious Liaisons Books

Cheater         (2017)          

Cheater’s Regret     (2017)          

Players Game Books

Fraternize     (2017)          

Infraction     (2018)

Liars, Inc. Books

Dirty Exes     (2018)          

Dangerous Exes      (2018)

Seaside Pictures/Big Sky Novellas

All Stars Fall (2019)

Red Card Books

Risky Play     (2019)          

Kickin’ It        (2019)

Elite Bratva Brotherhood Books

Debase          (2019)

Covet Books

Stealing Her (2019)          

Finding Him (2020)          

Cruel Summer Books

Summer Heat          (2019)          

Summer Seduction            (2019)          

Summer Nights       (2019)

Bro Code Books

Co-Ed (2018)          

Seducing Mrs. Robinson  (2019)          

Avoiding Temptation        (2019)          

The Setup     (2019)

Standalone Novels

Every Girl Does It   (2011)          

Divine Uprising       (2013)          

Bang Bang    (2014)          

Rip      (2015)          

The Consequence of Rejection   (2018)          

A Crown for Christmas     (2018)          

Fashion Jungle        (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas

The Parting Gift      (2011)          

Short Story Collections

Hurt   (2015)          

A Christmas Seduction      (2015)                                              

List of books by Rachel Van Dyken

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Rachel Van Dyken. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via theContact Us.

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