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“I’m out to change people’s attitudes about them. Wolves are a whole lot more than just predators who feast on a rancher’s herd. They’re smart and clever and loyal and courageours, and sometimes they do really stupid, silly things, just like people.”
― R.C. Ryan, Quinn

 “Marilee lay perfectly still,waiting for her world to settle.She had to fight the unreasonable urge to weep.
Wyatt’s face was pressed to the hollow of her throat,his breathing rough, his damp body plastered to hers.
He nuzzled her neck. “Am I too heavy?”
“Umm.” It was all she could manage.
“You all right?”
“Did anybody ever tell you that you talk too much?”
He brushed his mouth over hers. “If you hum a bit more,I might be able to name that tune.”
That broke the spell of tears that had been threatening and caused her to laugh.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. “Have I told you how much I like your silly sense of humor?”
“No,you haven’t.” He rolled to his side and gathered her into his arms,nuzzling her cheek,while his big hands moved over her hip,her back,her waist, as though measuring every inch of her. “What else do you like about me?”
“You fishing for compliments?”
“Of course I am.”
“Glutton. Your sense of humor isn’t enough?”
“Not nearly enough.How about my looks?”
“They’re okay,for a footloose rebel.”
“Stop.All these mushy remarks will inflate my ego.” He gave a mock frown. “How about the way I kiss?”
“You’re not bad.”
“Not bad?” His hands stopped their movement. He drew a little away. “That’s all you can say?”
“If you recall,tonight was the first time we’ve kissed.I haven’t had nearly enough practice to be a really good judge of your talent.”
“Then we’d better take care of that right now.” He framed her face. With his eyes steady on hers, he lowered his mouth to claim her lips.
Marilee’s eyelids fluttered and she felt an explosion of color behind them. As though the moon and stars had collided while she rocketed through space. It was the most amazing sensation, and, as his lips continued moving over hers,she found herself wishing it could go on forever.
When at last they came up for air, she took in a long,deep breath before opening her eyes. “Oh,yes,rebel.I have to say,I do like the way you kiss.”
“That’s good,because I intend to do a whole lot more of it.” He lay back in the grass,one hand beneath his head. “Now it’s my turn.Want to know all the things I like about you?”
“I’m afraid to hear it.” Marilee lay on her side,her hand splayed across his chest.
“Besides your freckles,which I’ve already mentioned,the thing about you I like best is your take-charge attitude.”
She chuckled. “A lot of guys feel intimidated by that.”
“They’re idiots.Don’t they know there’s something sexy about a woman who knows what to do and how to do it? I’ve watched you as a medic and as a pilot, and I haven’t decided which one turns me on more.”
“Really?” She sat up. “Want me to fetch my first-aid kit from the plane? I could always splint your arm or leg and really turn you on.”
He dragged her down into his arms and growled against her mouth, “You don’t need to do a single thing to turn me on. All I need to do is look at you and I want you.”
“You mean now? Again? So soon?”
“Liar.I don’t believe it’s possible.”
“You ought to know by now that I never say anything I can’t back up with action.”
“Prove it,rebel.”
“My pleasure.”
There was a wicked smile on his lips as he rolled over her and began to kiss her breathless,all the while taking her on a slow,delicious ride to paradise.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

“In a hurry to escape he let himself out of the house and walked to the truck. Before he could climb inside Marilee raced down the steps.
Breathless,she came to a sudden halt in front of him.
At the dark look in his eyes she swallowed. “Please don’t go,Wyatt. I’ve been such a fool.”
“You aren’t the only one.” He studied her with a look that had her heart stuttering.A look so intense, she couldn’t look away. “I’ve been neating myself up for days,because I wanted things to go my way or no way.”
“There’s no need.You’re not the only one.” Her voice was soft,throaty. “You’ve always respected my need to be independent.But I guess I fought the battle so long,I forgot how to stop fighting even after I’d won the war.”
“You can fight me all you want. You know Superman is indestructable.” Again that long,speculative look. “I know I caught you off guard with that proposal. It won’t happen again. Even when I understood your fear of commitment, I had to push to have things my way.And even though I still want more, I’m willing to settle for what you’re willing to give,as long as we can be together.”
She gave a deep sigh. “You mean it?”
“I do.”
“Oh,Wyatt.I was so afraid I’d driven you away forever.”
He continued studying her. “Does this mean you’re suffering another change of heart?”
“My heart doesn’t need to change. In my heart,I’ve always known how very special you are.It’s my head that can’t seem to catch up.” She gave a shake of her head,as though to clear it. “I’m so glad you understand me. I’ve spent so many years fighting to be my own person, it seems I can’t bear to give up the battle.”
A slow smile spread across his face, changing it from darkness to light. “Marilee,if it’s a sparring partner you want,I’m happy to sigh on. And if,in time,you ever decide you want more, I’m your man.”
He framed her face with his hands and lowered his head,kissing her long and slow and deep until they were both sighing with pleasure.
Her tears started again,but this time they were tears of joy.
Wyatt brushed them away with his thumbs and traced the tracks with his lips. Marilee sighed at the tenderness. It was one of the things she most loved about this man.
Why did she find it so hard to say what she was feeling? Because,her heart whispered, love meant commitment and promises and forever after,and that was more than she was willing to consider. At least for now.
After a moment he caught her hand.
“Where are we going?”
“Your place.It’s closer than the ranch, and we’ve wasted too much time already.”
“i can’t leave the ambulance…”
“All right.” He turned away from the ranch truck and led her toward her vehicle. “See how easy I am?”
At her little laugh he added, “I’m desperate for some time alone with you.”
She thought about that word. She’d been alone for so long.What he was offering had her heart working overtime. He was willing to compromise in order to be with her.
She was laughing through her tears as she turned the key in the ignition. The key that had saved his life.
“Wyatt McCord,I can’t think of anything I’d rather be than alone with you.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

“And you’re thinking I just tossed out some casual phrase that you’ve heard from dozens of guys? Or maybe one in particular,who mattered enough to turn you into a cynic?”
At the intensity of his tone she looked up. “Yeah.Something like that.After all, McCord,your reputation precedes you. You’re not exactly shy with women. I’m sure you’ve used plenty of lines like that to get what you want.”
His eyes,steady on hers,were hot and fierce.
His voice was equally fierce. “I’ll admit that when I first saw you, my initial reaction was purely physical. A healthy combination of testosterone and lust.What guy could look at you and not feel what I felt? You’re beautiful, and bright and independent.And did I mention beautiful?”
That brought a smile to her eyes.
“But the more I got to know you,the more I realized you weren’t just a pretty package.I started learning that you were someone special.Someone I wanted to treat very carefully.”
“And now?”
“I’m still battling lust.”
There was that grin,sending an arrow straight through her heart.
“But there’s more here.Much more.” He stared at her mouth with naked hunger. “I’ve waited a long time for this,but now I’m going to have to kiss you.And when I do,I can’t promise to stop.”
She stood very still,heart pounding. “How do you know I’ll ask you to?”
“Careful.Because unless you tell me to stop,you have to know where this is heading…”
In reply she stood on tiptoe to brush her mouth to his,stopping his words. Stopping his heart.
He drew in a deep breath and drew her a little away to stare into her eyes. “I hope you meant that.”
“With all my heart.”
“Thank God.” He dragged her against him and covered her lips with his.Inside her mouth he whispered, “Because, baby,I mean this.”
She’d waited so long.So long.And it was worth all the time she’d spent waiting and wondering.Here was a man who knew how to kiss a woman and make her feel like the only one in the universe.
This kiss was so hot,so hungry, she felt the rush of desire from the top of her head all the way to her toes.And still it spun on and on until she became lost in it.
He changed the angle of the kiss and took it deeper until Marilee could feel her flesh heating, her bones melting like hot wax.
She wanted to be sensible,to move slowly, but her mind refused to cooperate. With a single kiss her brain had been wiped clear of every thought but one.She wanted this man.Wanted him now.Desperately.
When at last they came up for air, she put a hand to his chest. “I need a minute to catch my breath.”
“Okay.” A second later he dragged her close. “Time’s up.”
Her laughter turned into a sigh as he ran nibbling kisses down her throat until the blood was drumming in her temples.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

 “A hundred bucks,cuz.And judging by that spectacular toss over the rail, I’d say you earned it.”
Wyatt tucked the money into his pocket. “It was pretty spectacular, wasn’t it? And it worked. It got the attention of our pretty little medic.”
Jesse,Amy,and Zane stopped dead in their tracks.
Amy laughed. “You did all that to get Lee’s attention?”
“Nothing else I’ve tried has worked. I was desperate.”
Jesse shook his head in disbelief. “Did you ever think about just buying her a beer at the Fortune Saloon? I’d think that would be a whole lot simpler than risking broken bones leaping off a bull.”
“But not nearly as memorable.The next time she sees me at the saloon, she’ll know my name.”
Zane threw back his head and roared. “So will every shrink from here to Helena. You have to be certifiably nuts to do all that just for the sake of a pretty face.”
“Hey.” Wyatt slapped his cousin on the back. “Whatever works.'”
Zane pulled out a roll of bills. “Ten says she’s already written you off as someone to avoid at all costs.”
Wyatt’s smile brightened. “Chump change. If you want to bet me, make it a hundred.”
“You got it.” Zane pulled a hundred from the roll and handed it to Jesse. “Now match it, cuz. I was going to bet that you can’t persuade Marilee Trainor to even speak to you again. But just to make things interesting, I’m betting that you can’t get her to have dinner with you tonight.”
“Dinner? Tonight? Now you’re pushing the limits,cuz. She’s already refused me.”
“Put up or shut up.”
Wyatt arched a brow. “You want me to kiss and tell?”
“I don’t say anything about kissing. I don’t care what you do,after you get her to have dinner with you.That’s the bet. So if you’re ready to admit defeat, just give me the hundred now.”
“Uh-oh.” Wyatt stopped dead in his tracks. “Is that a dare?”
Amy stood between them,shaking her head. “You sound like two little kids.”
Wyatt shot her a wicked grin. “Didn’t you know that all men are just boys at heart?”
He reached into his pocket and handed Zane a bill before he strolled away.
Over his shoulder he called, “I’ll catch you back at the ranch. You can pay me then.”
He left his cousins laughing and shaking their heads.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

 “And that unfortunate loss? Was that really an accident,or did you lose deliberately so I wouldn’t have to pay the bill?”
He shrugged. “My lips are sealed.”
“I should have known.”
Once on the open highway he turned on the radio,and they both sang along with Garth as he lamented his papa being a rolling stone.
When the song ended,Marilee looked over. “I’ll consider that a sermon. According to Garth, a woman would be a fool to lose her heart to a man who’d rather drive a truck than be home with her.”
Wyatt winked,and in his best imitation of Daffy’s smoky voice he said, “Honey, a man may love the open road,but any female with half a brain can figure out how to compete with a truck.Just bat those pretty little red-tipped lashes at any male over the age of twelve, and his brain turns to mush.Next thing you know, instead of revving up his engine, he’s on his hands and knees, carrying a toddler on his back around a living room full of toys and baby gear.”
Though the image was a surprisingly pretty one,Marilee had to wipe tears from her eyes,she was laughing so hard. When she caught her breath she managed to say, “You’ve got Daffy down so perfectly,you could probably answer the phone at the Fortune Saloon and no one would believe it wasn’t her.”
“She’s easy.” He chuckled. “I think she’s the only female with a voice that’s deeper than mine.”
She looked out the window at the full moon above Treasure Chest Mountain in the distance. “It’s a shame to waste such a pretty night.Maybe you ought to pull over and park.We can make out like teenagers.”
“Not a bad idea.” At his arched brow she added, “It would give me a chance to see if I could turn your brain to mush.”
“Believe it.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

“I was never in any danger, Cal.” Cora’s tone was patient.
“So you say.But you admitted that the heavy snow brought down a tree right beside your tent. You could be lying out there right now, pinned and gravely wounded,and we wouldn’t have a clue.”
“Cal,I always have my cell phone under my pillow.”
“A lot of good that would do if you were crushed beneath a tree. The calendar may say it’s springtime, but somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature. If it isn’t a tree falling,it could be an avalanche. And there you are, all alone in the wilderness,at the mercy of any number of dangers.”
Cora gave a long,deep sigh. “You know I’m not going to give up my excursions. It’s where I do my best work.I love it too much to ever stop.”
“And I’m not going to stop worrying. I’ve been doing it too long.”
“Now,children,” Jesse said with a laugh. “There will be no fighting at the table.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Glory

 “Is that a plane?” Marilee awoke with a start,surprised to find the sun already high.
Wyatt shaded the sun from his eyes to scan the sky.
As the sound grew louder they both sat up at the same moment.
“A truck.” Wyatt pointed. “Coming from that direction.Probably Jesse and Zane with that flatbed they promised.”
“Oh,no.Look at me.What was I thinking?” With a cry Marilee grabbed up her discarded clothes and started dressing.
When she finished she tossed Wyatt’s clothing at him. “Aren’t you going to put these on?”
“Yeah.No rush.”
“No rush?” She was already climbing into the cockpit of the plane to retrieve her gear.
Men, she thought. If they were standing naked in Grand Central Station, they would probably take their sweet time finding something with which to cover themselves.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

“But you’re going to do what the doctor ordered.”
“And if I don’t?”
He gave her one of those dangerous, heart-stopping grins. “I’m thinking, if I really apply myself,I can probably find several clever ways to keep you in bed all day,Ms. Trainor.”
She was laughing as she allowed him to lead her to her bed.But as he lay beside her and drew her into his arms, her laughter faded,replaced by a series of soft,gentle sighs.
“All right.I’ll let you persuade me. But only because the doctor ordered it.”
Her words were followed by muffled laughter as they found the perfect way to leave the cares of the world behind.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

“He stood and slipped into his jeans, leaving the waist unsnapped as he made his way to the plane in that loose, lanky stride that had her mouth watering. She loved the look of him, like a cowboy in some Madison Avenue ad. Except that he was the real thing, with big,work-roughened hands and scuffed boots and a high-voltage smile that could reduce her to puddles when it was directed her way.”
― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

10 Famous Quotes by Author R.C. Ryan

10 quotes by R.C. Ryan there you go! It’s never an easy task picking the best quotations from great writers, so please if you disagree or have more to add, please comment and share your opinions. My 10 greatest R.C. Ryan quotes will likely be different from yours; however, that’s the best thing about them, each quote can mean something different to each person. So don’t wait, comment and shares your best R.C. Ryan Quote. 

One Final Bonus – R.C. Ryan Quote 

“In case you haven’t noticed,rodeos are a serious business.Careless cowboys tend to break bones,or even their skulls,as hard as that may be to believe.”
She stared down at the hand holding her wrist. Despite his smile,she could feel the strength in his grip. If he wanted to,he could no doubt break her bone with a single snap. But she wasn’t concerned with his strength,only with the heat his touch was generating. She felt the tingle of warmth all the way up her arm.It alarmed her more than she cared to admit.
“My job is to minimize damage to anyone who is actually hurt.”
“I’m grateful.” He sat up so his laughing blue eyes were even with hers. If possible,his were even bluer than the perfect Montana sky above them. “What do you think? Any damage from that fall?”
Her instinct was to move back,but his fingers were still around her wrist,holding her close. “I’m beginning to wonder if you were actually tossed from that bull or deliberately fell.”
“I’d have to be a little bit crazy to deliberately fell.”
“I’d have to be a little bit crazy to deliberately jump from the back of a raging bull just to get your attention, wouldn’t I?”
“Yeah.” She felt the pull of that magnetic smile that had so many of the local females lusting after Wyatt McCord. Now she knew why he’d gained such a reputation in such a short time. “I’m beginning to think maybe you are. In fact,more than a little.A whole lot crazy.”
“I figured it was the best possible way to get you to actually talk to me. You couldn’t ignore me as long as there was even the slightest chance that I might be hurt.”
There was enough romance in her nature to feel flattered that he’d go to so much trouble to arrange to meet her. At least,she thought,it was original. And just dangerous enough to appeal to a certain wild-and-free spirit that dominated her own life.
Then her practical side kicked in, and she felt an irrational sense of annoyance that he’d wasted so much of her time and energy on his weird idea of a joke.
“Oh,brother.” She scrambled to her feet and dusted off her backside.
“Want me to do that for you?”
She paused and shot him a look guaranteed to freeze most men.
He merely kept that charming smile in place. “Mind if we start over?” He held out his hand. “Wyatt McCord.”
“I know who you are.”
“Okay.I’ll handle both introductions. Nice to meet you,Marilee Trainor. Now that we have that out of the way,when do you get off work?”
“Not until the last bull rider has finished.”
“Want to grab a bite to eat? When the last rider is done,of course.”
“Sorry.I’ll be heading home.”
“Why,thanks for the invitation.I’d be happy to join you.We could take along some pizza from one of the vendors.”
She looked him up and down. “I go home alone.”
“Sorry to hear that.” There was that grin again,doing strange things to her heart. “You’re missing out on a really fun evening.”
“You have a high opinion of yourself, McCord.”
He chuckled.Without warning he touched a finger to her lips. “Trust me.I’d do my best to turn that pretty little frown into an even prettier smile.”
Marilee couldn’t believe the feelings that collided along her spine. Splinters of fire and ice had her fighting to keep from shivering despite the broiling sun.
Because she didn’t trust her voice, she merely turned on her heel and walked away from him.
It was harder to do than she’d expected. And though she kept her spine rigid and her head high, she swore she could feel the heat of that gaze burning right through her flesh.
It sent one more furnace blast rushing through her system. A system already overheated by her encounter with the bold, brash,irritatingly charming Wyatt McCord.”― R.C. Ryan, Montana Destiny

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