Quick Summary of The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect: Book Review

A writer is an experienced man who worked as an editor for a long time, editing the Success magazine. The central assertion of the writer is small actions being executed inconsistent ways show significant results. Decisions took place daily.

What did I like the most about the book? It is a practical guide for everyday consultation for bringing actual change in life. The content in the book directs a person to be the driver of his life’s car. These small decisions yield great dividends.

How does this work? The theoretical principle suggests that the resultant effect is more beneficial when small actions are put to act consistently. For example, boys are studying in the same class. One studied 6 hours a day for eight months. The other does not study daily and prepares for examination just when few days are left. Both reach the examination centre, and the paper starts. The first student reads the questions and starts answering, and starts writing. While the second student, too, starts solving the essay but writes with a lack of confidence. After the results are declared, the first student secures better marks as compared to the second one. Hence, a diligent and consistent effort in a disciplined way brings excellent results. One cannot dream of success and get it just in thought. 

Action is necessary to put the thoughts into practice. One needs to take care that once the person starts in tiny steps towards the task. The action doer must also keep in mind that getting favourable results, one must not get relaxed. Otherwise, the work put in would go to waste. Hence the author reminds the person that success doesn’t come fast. He reminds again to bring change through hard work, and this needs patience.

The same old word destiny influences everyone in all the places and all the times. In the author’s opinion, a person’s decisions are the greatest determines of their destiny. With the help of pen and paper, the person must plan with complete awareness what action would bring which effect. Habits influence a person’s behaviour, so one needs to be cautious enough while forming habits.

We are not denying the importance of tiny steps working diligently with consistent efforts in a way sure to succeed. Everything depends on the choice of the decision before working because a wrong choice would yield results but in the wrong direction. So on top of everything, the right choice is the most critical factor.

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