Quick Summary of The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama

The Art of Happiness: Book Review

What do I like the most? The book has relevant material for a young boy or an adult, especially for someone living in a western country.

The book is based on an interview taken by Howard C. Cutler while talking to Dalai Lama. According to Dalai Lama, religion and spirituality are not identical. Spirituality generates compassion in a person. In comparison, religion is a set of rituals. A spiritual person searches for the meaning behind everything and learns from good and bad events. Thus knows and apply for their and others’ welfare.

When Dalai Lama was asked about suffering, he says it is a natural part of life. When one rejects it, they make themselves into victims. Thus the only constant thing is change. Therefore, man has to learn to forget things. When a person resists changing, the suffering starts. So to flow with the change is advisable, and one learns too.

A person may behave foolishly when a sudden incident takes place in their life. If the person accepts to adapt according to a sudden change, they usually act.

Dalai Lama advises a person to be acquainted with their limits. The person must know what they can do and what they cannot. Thus a policy of observing honestly is necessary. Hence the person needs an exercise to build confidence from inside.

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