Questions You May Ask Your Construction Recruitment Agency for Hiring Civil Labour Staff

For a construction company, the most crucial element for their project is labour. Construction sites are a host to various levels of work that include contractors, labourers, and technicians of various kinds.

It would be best to have a construction recruitment agency that understands the civil values that your company follows and provides you with the labour your project needs. Here are a few insightful questions that you can ask the agency before hiring them.

What Are Your Primary Criteria For Hiring Civil Labourers?

Every recruitment agency for the construction sector has a set of parameters to filter the vast number of candidates available. Listening to their screening process will help you roughly estimate the labour efficiency that the agency will provide for your construction.

How Do You Measure The Quality of Hired Labour?

This is a classic question that really has no clear answer. Measuring the quality of labour is one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry.

Even though there’s no concise theory to answer this question, the agency should at least have a perspective on what constitutes a good labourer. It should understand the skill sets required for civil projects and cater to the clients accordingly.

As a construction company, you must know how the agency evaluates its labour. From this, you can judge the quality of work that you will receive once you partner up with the agency.


What Was Your Relationship Like With the Last Hiring Construction Company?

This will help you understand if the agency is keen on building and establishing good relationships with the companies. A contract must end on good notes, with construction completed on time, without flaws, and abiding by the necessary rules. It will save you from unnecessary headaches dealing with people who are not synchronising with your company’s project.

What Is Your Stick Rate For New Hires?

The stick rate tells you whether the agency focuses on only filling up the positions quickly or ensuring their permanence too. If the labourer leaves within a month due to low stick rates, there’s a feeble chance that your construction project will go smoothly.

How Do You Treat Candidates Who Don’t Get The Job?

Any company or agency is as good as it treats its employees. A construction recruitment agency is a database of all construction and civil labour. The best agencies should communicate that they will provide a solid experience for the candidate. It includes responding well to the workers who don’t get hired for your company.

It will additionally give you an insight into knowing whether the agency has any empathy for its candidates.

Tell About the Last Two Construction Projects for Which Your Agency Provided Labour

Listening to the experience of a recruiting agency with its previous managers will be a highly educating experience for you. Ask the representative to elaborate on the milestones, labour issues, disagreements, and how they tackled them. It provides an idea as to what to expect when your project is taking off.


How Do You Position a Client’s Construction Company To Candidates?

The top layer of skilled labour often gets dogged by many companies. Therefore the construction recruiter agency must position your company in a good way. You need to know if the agency can do a good job differentiating your company from others so that the project gets the necessary skilled labour. This metric will also test their critical thinking and creativity and whether they have researched your company enough.

It could become a vital assignment where they craft the outreach message to the candidates.

What Is The Most Rewarding Part Of Being A Construction Recruitment Agency?

When an agency is passionate about its work, the labourers tend to treat the project as their own. They show more sense of responsibility which benefits the construction project. See if you can get to know the motive behind founding the agency.

Look out for the values that keep the labour bound to the agency. Do their values exhibit people skills? Do they enjoy the feeling of helping the candidates find work that is relevant to their skill? Or is it just the paycheck that is the sole motivation?

Hire the Best Agency to Get the Best Labour

It is impossible to accomplish construction projects without the right set of tools and the proper labour. Finding the right construction recruitment agency is the key to a successful project.

Choose the one that emancipates passion for the work, empathy for its people, and is up-to-date with the latest changes in the market. There’s no stopping your project from becoming a huge success then.

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Noah Murphy
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