Purnululu National Park


Location of Purnululu National Park

If you visit Australia once, you would never want to return. The natural beauty of Australia will surely mesmerize your senses and you would want to stay amidst the beauty and tranquility forever.

There are many sites in Australia, which are loaded with splendid views and have kept alive the rich history of Australia. The place that we are mentioning here is a World Heritage Site. It is one of the most striking destinations of Australia. It is loaded with natural beauty and is counted among the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Yes!! We are talking about the spectacular Purnululu National Park.

The Purnululu National Park is situated in the East Kimberley region of the Western Australia. The park is about 190 mi (300 kilometres) towards the south of Kununurra and the Halls Creek is located to the south of it, about 100 kms away from the Purnululu National Park.

History of Purnululu National Park

The park was a home to the Aboriginal people for about 40,000 years. The name Purnululu, was given by the traditional Kija peoples who were the custodians.


The Purnululu National Park is spread across the area of 592,370-acre, i.e., 239,723-hectare. In the year 2003, it was declared as the World Heritage Site.

The most striking feature of this park is the Bungle Bungle range, the beautiful sandstone domes, rising as much as 1,896 ft (578 metres) above the sea level. The orange and grey colored bands, formed due to the difference in the porosity and clay content, give this range a very gorgeous appearance. The bee- hive shaped, conical towers look breathtakingly beautiful.

Things To Do

Soak in the beautiful arial view of the Bungle Bungle Range with a helicopter ride. You would never ever forget this experience.

A 4WD into the park is full of thrill and adventure. If you are an adventure freak, do not miss this ride.

Hike in the Cathedral Gorge. This gorge is known for its incredible acoustics. So, shout out aloud and give vocal chords some exercise.

There are many trails in the Purnululu National Park. Walk through the trails and enjoy the scenic views of the park. Take a trail to Piccaninny Creek or walk to the Echidna Chasm or Mini Palms Gorge; the options are numerous.

Camping here is also a great idea. There are two campgrounds here, namely, Walardi and Kurrajong. Camping here with your family and friends will be an unforgettable experience.


As the area was inhabited by the Aboriginals, there is beautiful rock art and a few burial sites in the park.

The word Purnululu means sandstone.


Have you ever been to the Purnululu National Park? Have you witnessed the mesmerizing beauty of the Bungle Bungle Range from the helicopter? Have you camped amidst the natural beauty of the Purnululu National Park? If yes, then please tell us more about your experience. We would love to hear your story and see your photographs. Please share them here.

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