Proper Utilization of Reflectors – Photography Tutorial

Proper Utilization of Reflectors – Make the Light Ideal For Quality Photographs

Proper utilization of Reflectors – Photography with natural light problems has a very cheap solution in the form of reflectors. Reflectors are used normally used in studio but here the discussion will be on how to use reflectors in naturally available light. Reflectors are versatile and amazing to overcome your light problems in photography. The primary function of reflectors in photography as the name suggests is to reflect light. They are used with the aim to bring light in the dark spots and clear the unwanted shadows on the subject.

If a subject is placed with back to the sun and you as a photographer facing the sun then use of reflector will result into the subject being lit from both the sides that are front as well as back to give an extraordinary result. If you have a question – how to improve the quality of your images? The simple answer to this question is to shoot in a better light. Next question that comes to your mind is – how will you describe better light? The diffusing or softening of available sharp bright light is the ideal strategy for light problems in photography. For portraits where subject is stationary, window light is the perfect source of diffused light.

Proper Utilization of Reflectors- Natural Light

Any window can be a great source of diffused light for a portrait. In case shadows are too prominent on the subject use reflector to divert light onto the subject. You can move the subject into the shade for softening light and remove harsh shadows when the day is sunny. Not like a window, shade is Omni-directional and flat in nature. The use of reflector in shade will add some directional quality. Reflectors are used to produce real-time lighting and help you to make adjustments in the angle of light.

Proper Utilization of Reflectors – Photography Tutorial
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The reflectors are basically of two types, rigid and collapsible. The collapsible reflectors small in size can be carried in your photo bag and have a diameter of one foot. These reflectors have to be just taken out of the bag to open and are ideal for small subjects. Collapsible reflectors of bigger size up to six feet are available. Lightweight and small size are the big advantages of collapsible reflectors when you are on the move. Rigid frames have metal frames on which reflective material is stretched tightly. To make them easy to carry some rigid reflectors can collapse.

Proper Utilization of Reflectors- Stable light source

The benefits of rigid reflectors are they remain stable in the wind so you have flicker reflected light and are available in large size. The reflectors have different colored reflective material. White-coloured reflectors will not add any color to the subject rather they will fill shadows in the picture frame. When you want to add some warm color, the choice has to be gold ad soft gold colored reflectors. Silver colored reflectors will make subject more bright by adding additional light to the subject.

Reflectors with translucent fabric white in color will diffuse light from the subject and should be used in harsh sunny days. Black colored reflectors are used when you need to subtract light from the subject. Reflectors mostly come in two colors, one on either side. The main reason to use reflector is to redirect light to your subject. If you are to use one reflector and your position is very close to the subject then you can hold the reflector in one hand and click the camera placed on tripod with the other hand. Using colored reflector in combination with diffusion material reflectors will produce great results.

In the next part how flash can be used to have good quality pictures will be discussed.

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