Premier League Miracle – Leicester City

Premier League Miracle – Leicester City – Unexpected Winners

Premier League Miracle – Leicester City – A Miracle in football has just occurred; the magnanimous scale of the achievement cannot be understated. The underdogs or should I say the UnderFoxes, have achieved something that generations Championship Manager Players could only dream of.

As a lifelong soccer fan, and diehard Everton supporter, this victory me in the Premier League by Leicester City is second only to Everton winning. The joy, the satisfaction this epic season has produced gives hope for football.

Premier League Miracle – Leicester City – 5000-1

Following many years of the same few teams hammering it out for the top spot, with Multi-Billion Dollar (Pound) budgets, Leicester have stepped in and smashed all expectations, from 5000-1 outsiders,   to legends of the English Premiership! This is one of those bets I wish I had taken!

The Foxes fairy-tale season could well have been made in Hollywood; this is a space to watch as such a happy ending like this cannot be overlooked!  While already immortalized in Premier League History, I am sure tomorrow there will be some legendary hangovers!

The club was founded in 1884, they have history, they have passion, but will 2016 define them, it certainly helps, they are Lions led by Lions and deserve this glorious victory.

Some Reaction Locally from Leicester City Center;

“Unbelievable walking on sunshine”

Mike H 24 Leicester

“Could not believe, then believed, then we won”

Sam T 36 Leicester

“ WTF just happened, Never Going to forget this”

Jeff F 28 Leicester

“the biggest sporting shock of my lifetime”

Footballing Legend Gary Lineker

Premier League Miracle – Leicester City – Twitter Reaction

Chief think this will never happen again, I hope he is wrong! Living the dream such an achievement!

Quite Possibly so, English Folk Law just got updated

Anthony hits some home truths, this is a monumental day for English Football!

Craig just nailed it with this one liner! Have to agree Football just got very interesting again!

Yes maybe Everton Manager Roberto Martinez can learn a thing or two about teamwork, adaptability and true grit!

Indeed it is Richard Enjoy your Day!

Premier League Miracle – Leicester City – Legends is an understatement

What a day for Leicester City, and what a day for English football, never in a million years could this have been predicted, but it just happened, and know-body we know about has had to sell their soul! Footballing miracle just happened and Australia Unwrapped is loving it! Leicester’s 22 wins this season, 19 have come despite having a lower share of possession than their opponents. That says it all a dogged determination, a will of iron and a team ethic secondary rto only the Royal Marines.

Leicester City are the Champions of the English Premier League

You Legends

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