Port Arthur Australian Massacre

Port Arthur Australian Massacre

Port Arthur Australian Massacre – The dates 28–29 April are ingrained in the very fabric of Australia, when in 1996 a mad man Martin Bryant opened fire killing 35 innocent civilians, and wounding 23 more. The tragedy changed Australia forever, we never forget our fallen. The Killer is serving 35 life sentences in prison and will never taste freedom again; however his victims’ families will live with the pain of bereavement forever. Now 20 years later 2 decades ago, a lot has changed, and thanks goodness we have never had a repeat of a mass shooting on this scale.

Before we continue, remember the dead;

§  Winifred Joyce Aplin, 58


§  Walter John Bennett, 66

§  Nicole Louise Burgess, 17

§  Sou Leng Chung, 32

§  Elva Rhonda Gaylard, 48

§  Zoe Anne Hall, 28

§  Elizabeth Jayne Howard, 26

§  Mary Elizabeth Howard, 57

§  Mervyn John Howard, 55

§  Ronald Noel Jary, 71

§  Tony Vadivelu Kistan, 51

§  Leslie Dennis Lever, 53

§  Sarah Kate Loughton, 15


§  David Martin, 72

§  Noelene Joyce Martin, 69

§  Pauline Virjeana Masters, 49

§  Alannah Louise Mikac, 6

§  Madeline Grace Mikac, 3

§  Nanette Patricia Mikac, 36

§  Andrew Bruce Mills, 39

§  Peter Brenton Nash, 32

§  Gwenda Joan Neander, 67

§  Moh Yee William Ng, 48

§  Anthony Nightingale, 44

§  Mary Rose Nixon, 60


§  Glenn Roy Pears, 35

§  Russell James Pollard, 72

§  Janette Kathleen Quin, 50

§  Helene Maria Salzmann, 50

§  Robert Graham Salzmann, 57

§  Kate Elizabeth Scott, 21

§  Kevin Vincent Sharp, 68

§  Raymond John Sharp, 67

§  Royce William Thompson, 59

§  Jason Bernard Winter, 29

Port Arthur Australian Massacre

Social Media Remembers the fallen and we do not forget

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

George Santayana

Malcom Turnbull leads the nation in remembering the victims, both dead and alive.


Catherine Remembers and along with many of us sends our thoughts to the families who suffered loss.

Andy does not forget, and highlights the progress made in Australian Gun Ownership, with acknowledgement of 20 years freedom from such a heinous crime.

Graeme with kinds words offering solitude to our fallen brothers and sisters

Kylie thanks for the beautiful message.

Christie shows that its often the innocent who pay the highest price during diabolical acts of mad men!

Port Arthur Australian Massacre

Following the enacting of new firearms law, the risk of being killed by a firearm fell by 50%, while suicide by firearm fell at a similar rate. For example in 1988 there were 674 deaths by firearm in 2012, 226 this is a huge fall and when accounting for the population increase is even more significant.

Gun Control in Australia does not mean that law abiding citizens, with a sound reason cannot acquire firearms, indeed a wide range of firearms are available to the public and are categorized, A, B, C, D, H, R/E (Queensland Police). Thus hunters, sporting shooters and other persons with need are able to attain firearms. The system works and helps ensure that illegal gun owners are in a huge minority.

Today we put our differences aside and be grateful for our family and our safety that so many have given their lives for to bestow upon us. Australia we are united, we will remember and we will continue to grow as a nation!

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